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Why you should consider Invisalign as your teeth-straightening system of choice

Straightening crooked teeth can now be a positive experience, for adult patients in particular, thanks to the forward-thinking orthodontic system, Invisalign Golders Green. At The Garden Dental Practice, we have a firm commitment to ensuring our patients enjoy effective and modern dental treatments to maintain their optimal oral health. We have Invisalign-trained dental practitioners to make certain patients wanting to use this novel teeth-straightening system benefit from exceptional skills, training and experience.

With there being many choices available to patients when it comes to orthodontic instruments to resolve teeth and jaw issues, many may wonder why Invisalign Golders Green should be the treatment of choice.

What sets the removable retainer-like orthodontic system apart

The introduction of a tray-based, teeth-straightening system like Invisalign Golders Green has changed the face of orthodontics. This modern orthodontic alternative moves away from conventional devices in a number of significant ways, using a design that makes possible so many of the advantages patients are able to enjoy.

Tray-based versus metal wire-and-brackets

The very first difference to note about the Invisalign system is that it makes use of a number of retainer-like trays instead of a single fixed metal device to correct the positioning of teeth. The use of these trays works to advantage in numerous ways. The first of which is that the patient is provided with a more comfortable fit with no sharp metal edges that scrape against inner cheeks and gums.

Secondly, the patient is prescribed a series of trays that need to be changed at an interval determined by our experienced dental practitioner. This is a major plus point over fixed orthodontic devices, as there is no need for inconvenient appointments for manual adjusting of brackets that need to be made by a dentist. Instead all a patient has to do is insert a new tray every week or two. As the trays are manufactured from intuitive medical-grade plastic, each tray in the set is specifically designed to purposefully reposition teeth closer to the desired result.

Clear plastic versus metal

Previously, many adult patients would opt out of straightening their teeth to avoid the embarrassment of having to wear wire-and-bracket devices. The removable clear plastic material of Invisalign trays has catapulted this brand of orthodontics skyward as a treatment of choice for adult patients, as they are remarkably less noticeable to others.

At-home oral hygiene made simple

Another woe of metal orthodontic devices is how time consuming and labour intensive it is to keep them clean. Patients on the tray-based system will love the fact that there is no struggle with getting a toothbrush or floss thread into awkward spaces between teeth to get rid of trapped food. The trays are simply removed by the patient during mealtimes and then put back in (ideally after the mouth is rinsed after eating and drinking).

Have you always dreamed of straightening your teeth, but are not thrilled about wearing a metal-based orthodontic device? You may find the ideal orthodontic solution at The Garden Dental Practice. Our well-trained dental practitioner can discuss the benefits of Invisalign with you and conduct an assessment to find out whether this is a suitable option for you.

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