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Why should I use dental implants Golders Green?

It's important to understand what a dental implant is and what the difference is between an implant and a crown. Dental implants Golders Green are titanium posts that are carefully and correctly placed into the jawbone to create the same structure as a normal tooth root. We then create an artificial crown or prosthetic designed in shape and colour to match your existing teeth which is placed onto the implant. We discuss every detail of the treatment which we tailor to your specific individual requirements with you. Our passion for the dental profession and diligent attention to detail have allowed us to provide our patients with the service they expect from a friendly, dedicated dental team.

Why would I need this treatment

We know and understand how uncomfortable and confidence deflating missing teeth or loose dentures can be, causing your self-esteem to be affected. Trying to chew your food can become a real problem which may result in you trying to avoid eating certain foods that you experience difficulty chewing. The embarrassment of a visible gap in your teeth may also stop you from smiling or only smiling with your hand in front of your mouth. Do you really want to suffer in silence when a permanent solution is available? We want to make it possible for you to go out and enjoy life, especially if you enjoy eating out, we are here to help you.

Is this a long drawn out procedure?

Proper assessment of your condition is the basis for appropriate, safe treatment and gaining excellent results. We are thorough and thoughtful in our approach to patient care and satisfaction when performing dental implants Golders Green. Our approach is that it's all about you and the time it takes to complete this treatment depends on what is required, naturally a single implant takes less time than multiple implants. We will produce a very detailed treatment plan which will give you a precise timeline. We use all the latest technology to perform dental implants Golders Green. Using our intra-oral scanner we are also able to offer ‘teeth in one day’. This demonstrates that we consider all options when carrying out your assessment.

What is the process?

We will take the time to thoroughly assess your condition using our advanced technology which allows us to view 3D images of your mouth. We can also assess the state and location of your sinuses and your tooth roots so that we can give you carefully considered advice. To us you are our primary concern and we look for the optimal way that we can deliver the very best treatment that cures your condition. Once we have discussed your course of action we will accurately and precisely place the implant into your jawbone. After an average of three months we will create a prosthetic or tooth crown that will match your existing teeth in design and colour. You can then enjoy the benefits of being able to smile and chew your food as normal.

Proper dental aftercare

Fortunately the care of an implanted crown is no different to the care of your normal teeth so brushing regularly and dental check-ups should be continued as normal.

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