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Why Invisalign is so highly popular for straightening teeth

A set of perfectly straight teeth creates an ideal environment for optimal oral health. Not only do patients with crooked teeth find it incredibly challenging to keep their teeth and gums free of food and harmful bacteria, giving rise to all sorts of oral problems, there are the less-than- desirable effects a displaced dental appearance can have on their experiences of life.

More and more patients are becoming aware of the direct negative impact crooked teeth can have on their pockets and their social and professional lives. To help patients achieve straighter teeth and a healthier mouth, we at The Garden Dental Practice make available treatments such as Invisalign Golders Green.

Invisalign Golders Green is an orthodontic treatment that has seen a stratospheric rise in its use across the globe. The answer behind the greater reliance on Invisalign Golders Green as an effective modern alternative to conventional orthodontic devices, is found in the dental instrument’s design. We take a look at the characteristics of this forward-thinking design that contributes to its success.

A look behind the Invisalign teeth-straightening system

The use of clear retainer-like trays

The system sets itself apart from traditional orthodontic devices that are fixed and made of metal. Invisalign relies on retainer-like trays made of smart medical-grade plastic to manipulate teeth into a desirable position.

Intuitive medical-grade plastic

Unlike the wires-and-brackets orthodontic devices, the fact that this teeth-correcting system uses a retainer-like design made from high-quality plastic material means that there are a number of sought after benefits. The benefits of intuitive plastic trays are found by our patients to be more comfortable, as there are no sharp metal edges that rub against sensitive areas in the mouth.

Secondly, the trays are made of clear plastic which means that, when on teeth, they are barely discernible to others. The advantages of virtually unnoticeable clear plastic trays has made this system more appealing to adult patients, bringing straightening teeth into fashion.

Retainer-like trays can be removed

Another remarkable way that this system distances itself from conventional methods, is that it does not need a dental practitioner to make manual adjustments throughout the orthodontic treatment process. The retainer-like trays are designed in such a way that it allows a patient to easily remove them when necessary and reinsert them when needed. Instead of one fixed device, a patient using Invisalign will be presented with a set number of trays that will need to be changed according to our dentist’s instructions.

Another huge plus of the trays being removable is that it affords a simpler and less stressful at-home oral hygiene practice. The patient avoids the exhaustive efforts associated with cleaning metal orthodontic devices, as the trays are conveniently removed during mealtimes and when brushing and flossing teeth. The cleaning of the trays themselves is made simple too which gives the patient time to do more things that they enjoy.

Would you like to discover the amazing effects of the Invisalign system for yourself? Contact us at The Garden Dental Practice for an in-depth consultation with an Invisalign-trained dental practitioner.

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