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Why Dental Implants in Golders Green might be for you

At some point in our lives whether we mean to or not we inevitably damage our teeth, with the amount of wear and tear we put our mouths through on a daily basis it’s inevitable that things can wear down. But a chip or crack are not as bad as they might first seem, because there is a solution and the implantation of a new tooth to help brighten up your smile could be it.

What the implants are

When you first come in for dental Implants in Golders Green you will be surprised to find that they’re a pretty simple device. They’re basically a small fake tooth, normally made from porcelain or another light material, that’s grafted to the jawbone with a sterile screw comprised of titanium. Normally you will have one implant fitted, but depending on the amount of repair work that’s required your dentist may suggest multiple fittings.

How they are fitted

At the Garden Dental Practice, we make sure the process of implantation is handled quickly, skilfully and in the most non-invasive way we can. That being said, having them fitted is pretty straightforward as they are grafted onto your jawbone and over time the natural bone will regrow over the implant to create a stable bed for the tooth or teeth.

Are there different types?

There are a number of different techniques for implantation, but generally there tend to be two common methods that are implemented by our team. The first are endosteal implants, which are fixed into your jaw with a titanium screw, as previously mentioned. The other method is the use of subperiosteal implants, these are attached under the gum or on top of the jawbone. This tends to be used if there is not enough healthy bone around the jaw to graft onto or the patient is unable to go through additional reconstructive surgery to create a base for the implant.

Any advice after implantation?

After leaving your appointment for dental Implants in Golders Green there are a few things to keep in mind to look after your implant. To begin with, you need to organise transport from the practice as you will be under the effects of local anaesthesia for a while. This can impact your ability to drive so book a taxi or try asking someone for a lift.

Also, you can clean this like a normal tooth, but try to not press too hard with your brush as you could dislodge it or cause harm to your gum’s ability to heal itself. Be careful when eating any hot or cold meals as your mouth is going to be very sensitive for a while.

Hopefully this has helped you make a decision on implants. They’re a great way to fix cracked or damaged teeth, plus the treatment is relatively quick allowing you to fix up your smile in no time at all. So, if you’re interested in dental implants in Golders Green, then ask your dentist for more information.

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