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Why Are Invisalign So Popular?

If you’ve been contemplating teeth straightening then it’s more than likely that you’ve come across Invisalign Golders Green. These magical aligners are everywhere with all our favorite influencers flashing their aligners smiles and singing their praises. But are they actually as good as they’re made out to be and are they really worth investing our pennies in? The team here at The Garden Dental Practice has put together a little guide on all the reasons they think Invisalign Golders Green are so popular.

At The End Of The Day…

They look cool. Well, in actual fact they don’t really look like anything at all. They’re crystal clear and so give the impression that those wearing them aren’t actually wearing aligners at all! Wicked. This is why they’ve become the most popular way for adults to straighten their teeth and have converted thousands of people into this way of straightening. Of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the look of more traditional fixed braces but for those people wanting something a little more subtle and modern lifestyle friendly, Invisalign Golders Green delivers.

And To Be Fair…

They feel nice. Now braces and feeling good in the past haven’t really gone hand in hand but Invisalign has changed this. The surface of the aligners is super smooth and so there’s no sharp corners to catch your teeth and gums on. For those who have sensitive skin or a particularly low discomfort threshold this is an excellent feature.

And while we’re talking about comfort it’s defo worth mentioning that Invisalign is great for those who want to have a smooth movement. Because it’s only light levels of pressure being placed on the teeth there’s less likely to be lots of discomfort when moving. That’s not to say it will be completely plain sailing but it should be pretty calm.

And Let’s Not Forget…

They’re super user friendly. Invisalign was the first orthodontic system that allowed for daily removal which is great for a couple of stand out reasons.

NUMBER ONE - it means you can clean your teeth as before with no hassle at all.

NUMBER TWO - It means you don’t have to adjust your diet in any way in case you caused damage to the appliance.

Why is cleaning so important?

Cleaning your teeth correctly is the only way you’re going to guard against plaque and tartar build up and subsequently gum disease and decay! Both of these are top causes of tooth loss and both just really want to be avoided as much as possible.

Because you’re able to take your aligners out you’ll still be able to scrub your whole tooth and floss everyday without fail! So there’s no reason for any Invsialign patients to be developing dental problems.

Still Not Convinced?

Why not come and see us at the practice for a consultation so we can talk you through all the orthodontic options available to you, including Invisalign? Book now over the phone or through the website. We look forward to welcoming you back to the practice.


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