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Who should use Invisalign?

Invisalign is one of the most popular ways to straighten teeth. Here at The Garden Dental Practice, we offer a range of options for correcting any teeth that aren’t quite as uniform as they should be.

The patient who has misaligned teeth often feels self-conscious about talking to others and may even be afraid to smile. This can have an incredibly negative impact on many areas of their life and choosing Invisalign Golders Green may be the solution that resolves these issues. But who is this treatment for? Here, we explore the kind of patient that it is suitable for.

The self-conscious teenager

Being a teenager is far from easy and worrying about what others think often becomes a major preoccupation. The young person who has teeth that are overcrowded or protruding already feels self-conscious about their appearance, and the last thing they want to do is to add to that by getting braces that are very conspicuous.

This is where Invisalign Golders Green with us may be the ideal solution. These braces are completely invisible, so if the teen doesn’t want anyone to know that they’re getting their teeth fixed, then that is entirely possible with this treatment.

The adult in later life

Sometimes, people are not fortunate enough to have their teeth straightened when they are a young person. The result of this is often that they go through life feeling shy about smiling and feeling negative about their appearance. The great news is that clear braces are now an option for adults as well as teenagers.

Missing out during youth doesn’t mean that we can’t help the patient get the smile they should have today. Because Invisalign Golders Green is made up of completely transparent trays called aligners, no one needs to know that the patient is wearing braces. This means that the patient does not need to worry about feeling awkward in social or work settings. There is no need to explain the treatment to others as they will not be aware that it is happening.

The foodie

One of the great advantages of having the smile corrected using clear aligners is that the patient does not have to restrict their diet in any way. Other types of braces often require some foods to be ruled out during treatment, and if someone is particularly keen on their food and on trying new things, this can be very limiting.

Invisible braces are designed to be removed during meals, which means that there is absolutely nothing that is off the menu. It is simply a matter of ensuring that the teeth are given a good clean after eating before putting the aligners back in.

The sports person

More traditional kinds of braces can be prohibitive for the patient who is keen to play sports, especially ones involving contact with other players such as rugby. This patient is a good candidate for invisible braces, as they can be removed during matches. Provided the braces are worn for most of the time every day, the sports person can look forward to great results without any disruption to their activities. If you think this is the way to go for you please contact our practice, we would be happy to organise an appointment.

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