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When to get dental implants in Golders Green

Though it’s not something that many of us would like to think about, we may sometimes need to consider what to do in a dental emergency. A dental emergency can take many forms, and can often have long-lasting consequences for those who go through them. A common dental emergency that some people will go through is the loss of one, or perhaps several teeth. This emergency can be even more serious if the original, lost tooth is not able to be reattached for any reason.

However, even if this does happen to you, then it is no reason to despair, especially because there are nowadays treatments such as dental implants in Golders Green which you can undergo to give you new, reliable replacement teeth to replace those you have lost. Indeed, dental implants in Golders Green are a good long-term solution to missing teeth that could be worth your consideration. However, it’s important to know a bit more about them first, and then, once you have that knowledge at your disposal, make an informed decision about whether dental implants in Golders Green are a treatment you want for yourself.

Being sure to find a dental practice that you can rely on for professional treatment is of course always important, and this is ever the more true when you are searching for somewhere that offers a treatment such as dental implants in Golders Green. Because of this, you may wish to consider going to The Garden Dental Practice for your dentistry needs.

Here at The Garden Dental Practice, we have a great passion for ensuring that our patients come out of our practice feeling happy with the treatment we’ve given them, and we are proud of our record of doing so. Indeed, we have a rate of 97% positive feedback from our patients, and this is down to a combination of factors, including our friendly and knowledgeable team of dentists, the pleasant environment of our practice, and the modern dental equipment and techniques that we use. This means that, at The Garden Dental Practice, you can be sure that we are dentists you can rely on!

How dental implants work

Essentially, dental implants are titanium screws that are fit into a patient’s gums. They are inserted and secured at a missing tooth’s root. The titanium screws are able to integrate with the patient’s jawbone, which ensures that they are firm and stable within their mouth and also promotes healthy bone growth. The implant acts as a secure base for a new artificial tooth to be fit onto. This new tooth will look, feel, and act just like a regular tooth would.

Dental implants can be important for your overall oral health as well. This is because the gaps in the mouth where teeth used to be can cause the jawbone to degenerate and the gums to recede. This can cause a few different oral health problems, including the remaining teeth becoming twisted or drifting out of position. Over time this can lead to further complications such as crooked teeth and an increased risk of gum disease. With dental implants though, you and your dentist can address these potential problems before they have a chance to develop.

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