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What to know when considering dental implants

Lost or missing adult teeth give rise to a number of functional and cosmetic problems. Adult patients lose teeth due to poor oral health, loss of bone density or facial trauma, among other reasons. This is a dental condition that is more of a concern than one might at first imagine. The health of the entire mouth can be compromised by lost teeth: adjacent teeth can move out of position, jawbone quality can be compromised and some people can experience speech difficulties. But this is not all.

Patients with teeth missing will find that they experience problems eating, which puts at risk the quality of essential vitamins and minerals their physical bodies need. Not only is this a great concern for their physical health, but they are also more likely to suffer from the embarrassment of a less pleasing smile, which can have an adverse impact on their self-esteem and, as a consequence, their personal and professional lives.

At The Garden Dental Practice, we have highly qualified dental practitioners to help patients find modern and efficacious dental solutions to replace missing teeth, such as the renowned dental implants Golders Green.

Advantages of artificial tooth implants as a dental restoration solution

Most dental practitioners are of the opinion that dental implants Golders Green present a number of highly desirable benefits to give patients a viable tooth restoration solution. We take a look at some of the more notable advantages.

Treatment can be tailored to a patient’s specific needs

Patients can receive just one artificial tooth implant to replace a single lost tooth or a full set of teeth if a case calls for it. Only a professional dentist can decide on the number of implants needed once they have carried out a full oral assessment.

Restores full mouth function confidently

Not all missing teeth replacement devices can offer the same level of confident functionality like dental implants Golders Green can. The secure nature of tooth implants (they are rooted to the jawbone) allows patients the assuredness of eating and speaking without the fear of dentures moving about or falling out.

Mirrors the look of natural teeth

Of all the major plus points of artificial tooth implants, the one patients seem to regard most highly is the aesthetic value of them. Unlike other conventional tooth replacement instruments, dental implants are designed to reflect the look and feel of natural teeth. This resemblance is brought about by its design that comprises the metal root that is anchored to the jawbone and the tooth crown that is placed on top.

Simplified maintenance

Patients will also love the fact that their oral hygiene practices are made simpler as compared to using dentures. Tooth implants require the same attention that natural teeth do – daily brushing and flossing and routine professional check-ups. Patients must note that failure to comply with these requirements will put their investment in their tooth implants at risk, as gum problems are a common factor that threatens the health of implants.

For a full understanding of dental implants – how they work and the procedure involved, get in touch with us at The Garden Dental Practice for a consultation.

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