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What is restorative dentistry?

Restorative dentistry is essentially the diagnosis, management, and treatment of oral diseases, infection and decay of the teeth. Many individuals may believe that restorative dentistry simply focusses on restoring the function of the teeth within the mouth, however restorative dentistry also strives to improve the aesthetic appearance of a patient's smile. Decay of the teeth (or even several teeth) within the mouth may be due to an infected pulp, which is the inside or ‘core’ of the tooth. Dental implants could be argued as the most popular type of restorative dentistry.

Are dental implants in Golders Green right for me?

In terms of dental implants in Golders Green, they could be argued as the best, and therefore most popular solution to replacing one (or even several teeth) within the mouth. Dental implants may be the preferred type of restorative dentistry for individuals who have lost one, or even whole rows of teeth. In terms of their components, dental implants in Golders Green consist of a small titanium screw (which acts as a stabilising base), as well as an abutment which acts as a link between the screw and the porcelain crown.

What causes missing teeth within the mouth?

Patients may suffer from missing teeth from within the mouth due to oral diseases and infections (such as gum disease) which can lead to their teeth falling out. Aside from oral diseases and infections, teeth can be lost through incidents, such as a car or bicycle accident.

The specifics

Choosing the right dental treatment for yourself can be tough, patients may base their decision on finances, or the severity of their individual dental situation. Individuals may be debating between dental implants or dentures as a form of tooth replacement, however we believe dental implants may work best for many people. Dental implants are unique in the way that they are custom made uniquely for each individual dental case. Patients will receive a porcelain crown that matches perfectly the shape, and shade of their natural teeth. Aside from the replacement of teeth within the mouth, dental implants can also be used to stabilise dentures for patients.

Why choose our dental clinic to administer your dental implants?

Our team at The Garden Dental Practice understands that patients may find it hard to choose the right dental practice for themselves. Patients may be choosing between a clinic that offers dentistry under the National Health Service, or private dental treatments, however our clinic boasts the options of both. Our team is highly skilled and qualified and all have a passion for delivering a high standard of dental and cosmetic treatments.

How much do dental implants cost?

Patients who may be looking at receiving dental implants may be unsure of the exact cost of the treatment, and whether or not the implants are available under the National Health Service. Patients who prefer receiving dental treatment privately may be reluctant to pay a hefty upfront cost, however we offer 0% monthly finance plans, making it easier for many of our patients.

Receiving implants under the NHS

Dental implants, on some occasions, are included in the National Health Service, as a band three treatment.

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