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What is Invisalign?

Many individuals may believe that Invisalign’ in Golders Green is the generic name for clear aligners, however they are just one brand provider for clear aligners globally. Invisalign in Golders Green could easily be argued as the most popular brand provider for this particular type of orthodontics, and we are very pleased to offer them to our patients here at The Garden Dental Practice in Golders Green. Invisalign in Golders Green consists essentially of clear plastic trays which are moulded perfectly to the patient's mouth, in many cases producing rapid and extremely effective orthodontic results.

Could Invisalign be right for me?

Patients looking at receiving orthodontics may be questioning which form of brace is right for them, however Invisalign has grown dramatically in popularity within the field of dentistry. Invisalign may be right for you if you are suffering from overcrowding, moderate misalignment, and protrusion (or overbite) of the teeth. Patients who may be leaning more towards subtle orthodontics may have previously received braces in the past, and may have failed to maintain their orthodontic results (through the use of retainers). Aside from adults who wish for an orthodontic refresh, clear aligners can also be used for patients who have never received braces before.

The Invisalign treatment process

In terms of the way the clear aligners work, all dental treatments start with an initial consultation. During an initial consultation our highly skilled and professional dental health care professionals will determine whether Invisalign is right for you. The first step in achieving your dream smile is to take photos of your mouth, which will dictate the best possible course of treatment. After we have decided that clear aligners are right for your particular dental case, we can start by taking impressions of your teeth (including X-rays, digital scans, and dental impressions). Despite common misconception, clear aligners are not only suitable for older patients, but can be used to address many cases of misalignment in teeth.

The next step

After we take impressions of your teeth and mouth, your clear aligners can be created. Our dental clinic will receive your transparent trays from Invisalign, which can be changed every few weeks. Clear aligners should be worn every day, however they offer patients flexibility, as they can be removed to eat, to be cleaned, and for special events. In terms of the exact amount of time they should be worn, we recommend patients wear their aligners for twenty-two hours a day.

The last stage

After you have commenced your Invisalign treatment, you may only need to come and visit us every four to six weeks, these appointments are made to track your dental progress, and to give you your new clear aligners. After completing your Invisalign process, you will have to maintain your new smile with the use of retainers.

Dental anxiety

Our clinic understands that many of our patients may be experiencing anxiety when visiting a dental clinic, this is why we have a great team of dentists, and nurses to make our patients feel at ease. Dental phobias can start from early childhood, due to negative experiences within a dental surgery. If you are a patient who is experiencing nerves, then feel free to visit our clinic before you commence treatment.

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