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What are dental implants in Golders Green?

Dental implants Golders Green are small, titanium screws that are drilled into the jawbone to replace the root of the tooth. The titanium screw integrates into the jawbone and encourages healthy bone regrowth around the area. This not only provides a secure fitting for the implant, but also reduces the risk of bone degeneration and gum recession, both common side effects to occur with tooth loss.

Are dental implants Golders Green available for single tooth implants as well as multiple ones?

Losing a tooth is not the most pleasant experience whether caused by an injury to the mouth or down to natural causes. Luckily implants exist for single tooth replacements as well multiple teeth and they are a safe and secure way to have the missing tooth or teeth replaced.

If a single tooth has been lost the dental implant can provide a secure and stable base for the crown. This stability allows the tooth to appear completely natural and enables our patient to remain comfortable with their smile.

Multiple tooth loss is also covered by dental implants Golders Green and is a highly effective treatment in restoring the damage. As mentioned above, when a tooth or multiple teeth are lost the gaps begin to cause bone degeneration within your jaw, which in turn can lead to problems with the surrounding teeth. By using implants the surrounding bone growth is stimulated to regenerate and avoids the sunken appearance which is often a side effect of tooth loss.

How long does it take to heal after having oral implants fitted?

In order to have implants fitted your dental team needs to drill into the jawbone. This therefore takes around three months to heal. However this is of course dependent on the individual patient. This does not mean that you will be without teeth for a period of time. Depending on which treatment you are having whether it be bridges, crowns or something more extensive, temporary crowns etc. will be used whilst the jawbone heals.

What dental implant treatments are available?

There are a variety of dental implant treatments available to you, our patient, which we have listed below.

  1. Porcelain crowns - used for single or multiple tooth replacements.

  2. Dental bridges - commonly used for multiple tooth loss in a line.

  3. Overdentures - used when the majority of the teeth are missing, potentially all.

  4. Ankylos Smartfix - a new revolutionary system which is used to commonly replace all of the teeth with a bridge or dentures that can only be removed by a dentist.

How will I know which treatment is best suited to my case?

If, after reading through the possible treatment options, you are still uncertain on which treatment to have you can arrange an appointment with us. At our practice we offer an initial free consultation on dental implants in Golders Green, during this we can discuss all the possible treatment options with you and answer any queries you may have.

Please note, as with all dental treatments and techniques there are potential conditions which may preclude you from certain procedures. Therefore please consult further with our dentist on the treatments mentioned in this article.

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