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We take a look at the use of Invisalign, Golders Green

Did you know that there is still a large number of adults struggling with misaligned teeth in the UK when there is no need for them to live with the problems associated with crooked teeth. These adults may have been offered treatment early in life, normally as teenagers, and decided to not accept treatment at the time for their own very personal reasons.

We recognise that many of those who rejected treatment as teenagers may later go on to regret their choice and later start to believe that the window of time where they could have received treatment may have passed them by, this may not be the case. Modern dentistry has led to tooth realignment treatment being made available that targets potential adult patients.

Invisalign, Golders Green, is a modern tooth alignment treatment that has grown in appeal over the last few years, as it is a discrete and reliable treatment for aligning the teeth correctly. We feel that this is a perfect solution for any of our patients who are finding life with misaligned teeth difficult and are looking to make a positive change in their lives by having their teeth aligned correctly.

Looking for a discrete treatment

One of the main obstacles to people deciding to undergo treatment is the idea that more traditional tooth realignment treatments may create an image in the area of the mouth that we may not want to portray to others around us. With Invisalign, Golders Green, this won’t be an obstacle as it offers a virtually invisible solution.

You can now receive the treatment you may feel you need in a manner that allows you to keep your privacy, as this new alignment technology is hard for the human eye to spot even when someone is focusing on your face.

A new technology that needed a new thinking

This new brand of aligner was created in Europe and represented more than a rethink; they became more of a total rebuild of tooth alignment treatment. Made from two-layers of clear plastic and moulded to your individual needs, this treatment has proven to help our clients to achieve the desired results they are looking for.

Many of our clients have reported being happy with the results they have gained from this treatment, many of whom have said they would recommend this treatment to others seeking to realign their teeth.

Deal with the common oral health issues caused by misaligned teeth

Many people who live with misaligned teeth may also find they suffer from poor oral health, as cleaning the teeth with a brush can prove to be hard work. Having their teeth realigned to allow them to sit in the correct position in the mouth will allow the patient to clean their teeth properly, lessening the risks from common dental issues such as gum disease and plaque build-up.

If we can help someone heighten the quality of oral health, this then translates to benefits throughout their life.

Decide to make the change

If you are looking for a tooth realignment treatment, we would urge you to look at the benefits of Invisalign, Golders Green. Feel free to contact the dental practice to find out more information.

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