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Want to get straighter smile as an adult? 5 ways Invisalign with The Garden Dental Practice can help

The adult world is all about appearances; when we look professional, colleagues, potential employers and staff see us as more responsible and are more likely to take us seriously in day to day interactions.

While this can mean pristine hair and a close shave for some, for others, it may mean simply getting a straighter smile. After all, a perfect smile never goes out of fashion.

In the past, the only way this could be achieved in adult years was with an orthodontic brace, which was far from discreet and could actually dent your confidence.

Luckily, modern dentistry has the answer.

Our dental team at The Garden Dental Practice are proud to be able to offer our patients the world famous Invisalign in Golders Green; an invisible brace that can straighten your teeth, without drawing unwanted attention.

But what are the other benefits of undertaking treatment with Invisalign in Golders Green? Read on to find out!

Accelerated treatment

When you choose to undertake treatment with Invisalign in Golders Green, you may be surprised to learn that the average treatment time with this invisible aligner is between 9 to 15 months; that is very fast!

This is due to this aligner using opposing coils to realign your teeth, as opposed to using metal wires, which move your teeth into their new position in an accelerated time.


We have already mentioned that one of the main benefits to undertaking this treatment as an adult is the discretion it provides.

This aligner is made from a clear, malleable plastic, which fits over your teeth like a sports mouthguard, meaning there is no protruding metal or brackets to draw attention.

Lifestyle friendly

An orthodontic brace can be uncomfortable to wear and is a far from discreet option. This invisible aligner is removable, easy to clean (simply run it under a tap) and can be taken out when you brush your teeth or eat food.

You won’t have to restrict your diet, attend extra hygienist appointments or polish this aligner to keep it in top shape; just pop it in your mouth and go!


This aligner system comes with a 3-D, computer based, modelling system.

This involves a scan being taken of your mouth and our team using a model to predict how your teeth will need to move to give you that perfectly straight smile.

Many patients find this comforting, as more predictability means no nasty surprises during the treatment and a simpler way to identify any potential issues before they occur.


To benefit from the invisible aligner, you will need to wear it for up to 22 hours each day. This means, you will have to sleep in it every night during your treatment.

This aligner was designed with comfort in mind and it’s soft, malleable plastic is thin enough to fit over your teeth. It should not cause and rubbing or pressure to your inner cheeks or gums, and is therefore exceedingly comfortable to wear whilst getting your forty winks.

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