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Understanding the need for dental implants, Golders Green

It is not uncommon for people to lose teeth as adults, as most of the time our teeth are exposed to various hazards that all impact them. Tooth loss is often sudden and painful, with the effects of the loss can be felt over a longer time scale, in most cases, this effect can be felt by a person for the rest of their lives.

We should also be willing to accept that tooth loss is not merely a sign of someone having a poor standard of oral health and hygiene, as there are many other causes of tooth loss. Modern dental treatment and techniques that are now available in the UK may mean that a person no longer must live with missing teeth, as replacement teeth can now be permanently placed within the area required.

Dental Implants, Golders Green, are now being made available to allow any of our patients who have suffered from tooth loss to have an option that will permanently replace the lost teeth. This treatment option is proving popular amongst those seeking an alternative to dentures or bridges, as both solutions come with their own challenges.

The creation of sensitive areas within the mouth

When we lose a tooth or teeth the gum covering that area of the jawbone becomes exposed, this means that the area of the loss may feel far more sensitive as we are trying to use the soft tissues of the gum to carry out the tasks of the harder material of the teeth, Having dental implants, Golders Green, inserted into the area of the loss not only replaces the lost tooth or teeth but also helps to protect the soft tissues of the gum.

After treatment, a patient should feel far more comfortable when carrying out the common tasks of the mouth, such as eating and drinking, as they are no longer relying on the gums to carry out these everyday functions.

Created to last you a lifetime

These implants are created from some of the strongest materials available, meaning they are designed to last our patients a lifetime when cared for correctly. Best of all there is no need to consider any specialised care, as you can care for your replacement teeth in the same way you care for your natural teeth.

First, a titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone of the patient, this helps to create a strong and permanent base for your new tooth to sit on. The new tooth is created from a ceramic crown, which is tough enough to handle the rigours and stresses that teeth go through.

The crown is shaped and coloured to allow it to blend in with any existing teeth surrounding that area of the mouth, making it look like it was always meant to be in the position it is placed into.

Regain your teeth

If you have suffered from the loss of a tooth or teeth, we understand how uncomfortable this can become for you. For this reason, we invite you to consider dental implants, Golders Green, as a real solution to tooth loss. You should contact the dental practice to find out more details and book a consultation appointment.

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