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Transform your smile without disrupting your life thanks to Invisalign

A smile does more than enhance your beauty. Smiling on a bad day can raise your spirits and sometimes leads to laughter, which is good for your heart health.

Yes, doses of smiles and laughter are natural mood lifters, but what if you do not want to bare a cheeky grin because you are embarrassed by the sight of your teeth and worried about what other people think of them?

If having crooked teeth lowers your confidence to crippling levels, why not consider Invisalign in Golders Green? With invisible braces you can reclaim your life and your smile back. If you want straight teeth but lack the confidence to wear regular braces, then Invisalign is the key to a beautiful smile.

Visit our clinic, The Garden Dental Practice and our Invisalign providers will assess whether you are a suitable match for Invisalign aligners.

Fix misaligned teeth or an overbite in four simple steps

Our first port of call on your initial consultation is to determine whether an Invisalign treatment is right for you.

If it is, we will take non-invasive digital scans of your teeth and send them off to the lab to have custom made aligners modelled for you. Your aligners will be different from all other Invisalign in Golders Green users. We will also devise a digital treatment plan that shows the series of movements your teeth are likely to undergo during treatment, and what the final result could look like once you complete the Invisalign programme.

Throughout treatment, you will need to replace your aligners with new ones every one to two weeks or as per the instruction of your orthodontist. Each pair of aligners are different from the last, with the intention being that your teeth will have to adjust to the new position by moving in increments, millimetre by millimetre.

Visit us every four to six weeks so that we can track your progress. We also find that showing our patients physical evidence of how their teeth are slowly moving into place motivates them when they are discouraged at the slow pace of improvement.

Invisalign knows no age limits

People of all ages, and not just children and young adults, are considering the possibility of braces. But while conventional braces have undergone significant design adjustments to make them discreet and more comfortable, you cannot take away the fact that metal is stuck to your front teeth.

The idea of a metallic smile is probably less than ideal if you are shy or hate the limelight, which is why the invention of invisible braces arose. There was a need to find a device that is as effective in straightening teeth as conventional methods but has a barely visible appearance for those who do not want to garner unwanted attention.

What makes invisible braces so attractive? The aligners we use are transparent, removable, and without having a wiring system, barely resemble traditional braces.

Having the option to remove them means that you can eat what you like within reason and you will not have to change your current cleaning routine. Be sure to replace your retainer, however, because failing to keep it in for 22 of 24 hours only extends treatment time.

Do visit us for Invisalign in Golders Green.

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