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Tips for looking after your Invisalign in Golders Green

Having clear fitted braces is becoming a fairly common treatment for correcting crooked teeth. They are subtle, easy to fit and unobtrusive. We all want that perfect smile and although this procedure can help with that, there are still things you need to do on your end to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The correct methods of caring for your brace is something some patients still struggle with. Here’s a couple of tips to try at home to keep your aligner looking its best.

Clean it regularly

Perhaps the best thing you can do to make sure your aligner lasts is to just try to keep it clean. Giving it a good scrub will help reduce staining and clear out any bacteria that might build up throughout the day. Generally we recommend after you’ve been fitted for Invisalign in Golders Green you should be brushing your aligner at least once every other day.

One of the easiest methods for cleaning is to take a small amount of aligner cleaning solution, dilute it with water and then gently scrub this substance over the aligner with a toothbrush. There are other methods for cleaning, but if you can’t decide which one to use then at the Garden Dental Practice our helpful team will recommend a cleaning regime that works for you to help you keep your braces looking their best.

Is mouthwash safe?

Even though a lot of mouthwashes may advertise to be brace friendly, under no circumstance should you ever soak your aligner in it. Because there are so many different chemicals in mouthwash it’s incredibly difficult to discern which ones will damage the brace and which won’t. Also, most brands have a colouring pigment in them which can transfer onto your brace. After all, the last thing you want is to be walking around with a big blue brace over your teeth.

Avoid taking it out for too long

Because your teeth are being forcibly moved around albeit in a gentle way there is going to be some mild discomfort whilst wearing your aligners. Most patients we have in for Invisalign in Golders Green describe it as ‘pressure’ which can become annoying after a while.

To counter this, you can take it out, but we recommend using painkillers instead. But if you have to take it out don’t do it for any longer than two hours. The brace needs to be in for at least 22 hours a day and taking it out for too long might impact your alignment treatment.

Store it in a safe place

When storing your aligners try to keep them in a safe area or ideally if you can, a hard covered box. It may seem obvious, but improper storage of your brace can have quite an impact on its lifespan.

These are just a few things we recommend you try at home to keep your brace looking its best. Hopefully a few of these were helpful, but if you have any further questions then try asking your dentist on your next appointment about Invisalign in Golders Green..

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