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The need for Dental Implants in Golders Green

When someone loses a tooth or teeth it can be a dramatic and painful experience that leaves a lasting impact on the person’s mouth and life, often that leads to small changes in the way that the mouth is used moving forward from the loss.

Many people who have suffered from tooth loss start to change their eating habits, as they may feel the need to avoid eating harder foods, such as some fruits or nuts, or finer foods, such as rice. They may also start to avoid drinking hot drinks, as the exposed gum around the loss may feel sensitive.

In case of extreme loss, these people may try to avoid smiling, as they don’t want to expose the fact they have lost teeth as they may not want to be exposed to any embarrassment.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, as you may have experienced tooth loss, then you may want to consider treatment using dental implants, Golders Green.

A permanent solution to tooth loss

We know you may have looked at other solutions to teeth loss, in the form of bridges or dentures, and decided that these are not the ideal solution you are looking for. You may be looking for a more permanent solution that gives you the option of regaining the feeling of having your natural teeth, in these cases, people may want to consider the advantages that come along with having dental implants, Golders Green, inserted into the area of the tooth loss.

These implants represent a permanent and hard-wearing solution to tooth loss, that will last any patient who has them an entire lifetime when cared for correctly.

Made from strong materials

The base is made by inserting a screw into the jawbone that is made from titanium, the strongest metal known to man, to create a solid base for the replacement tooth to be mounted on top off. The tooth itself is created by placing a hardwearing ceramic crown into the area of the loss, which is then attached to the head of the inserted screw.

The ceramic crown will be shaped and coloured to look like a tooth, allowing it to blend in with your remaining teeth. Once in place, it will feel like a natural tooth that has always been in place and can be used just like the rest of your teeth, meaning you will not have to give any special consideration to how you are meant to use your new tooth or teeth.

Get Back your smile

If you are someone who has lost multiple teeth or teeth at the front of the mouth, this treatment may prove to be the ideal solution for you. If the loss of your teeth changed the way you smile, then this treatment will help you regain the natural smile that you may feel you have lost.

Making a change that is right for you

If you have suffered from tooth loss, we believe that dental implants, Golders Green, represent a way that you can make a positive change and regain the tooth or teeth you have lost. Feel free to contact the dental practice to find out more details.

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