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The five types of dental implants Golders Green

Are you considering dental implants? Do you need more information on the different types?

Here at The Garden Dental Practice, supplying you with all the information needed to start your journey to dental confidence is very important to us.

When looking into dental implants Golders Green, it’s important to do enough research into the different types, to see which will benefit you. Our practitioners will be more than happy to recommend a certain type, but here, you can do your own research.

Single tooth dental implants

If you have suffered the loss of a tooth, there is the risk of bone degeneration and gum recession. You may worry there is nothing you can do about it now that you’re an adult, as the tooth will not grow back. However, this is not the case. We offer single tooth dental implants made from titanium screws that can replace your missing tooth’s root and integrate with your jawbone. The new tooth will look and act exactly as your original one did!

Multiple dental implants

Just like with single teeth, dental implants Golders Green offer multiple implants to replace your missing teeth. When you have gaps in your teeth, it is likely that your gums will start to recede and your remaining healthy teeth will start to loosen and potentially fall out. Your teeth may also start to drift and rotate, causing problems such as crooked teeth, increased risk of gum disease and joint disorders. Having multiple dental implants will avoid all of this and improve oral health.


If you have lost all or most of your teeth, there are still options for you. Overdentures can be used on the same day of installation instead of waiting for the implants to integrate. Dental implants Golders Green offer secure overdentures that improve speech and the ability to eat as well as provide all the benefits of dental implants without the need for bone grafting. If you have few healthy teeth, it is likely that your bone structure has been suffering. The overdentures can support your jaw and prevent further bone loss.

Smart fix dental implants

Smart fix dental implants offer a prosthetic solution on tilted dental implants. Smart fix implants include placing a fixed bridge fitted onto 4-6 dental implants, but they cannot be removed by you as the patient. This type of dental implant can be successful even if your denture is starting to fail and you have missing teeth, making it a very quick and accessible process.

Teeth in a Day

In some situations, you may be eligible for Teeth in a Day or, as it is known to some, Same-Day Smiles. You may be eligible for this treatment if you have uncomfortable dentures that are impacting your quality of life, severe tooth loss or loose teeth that need to be extracted. For this treatment, the aftercare stage is very important, but we will help you every step of the way with assessments and checkups.

As you can see, there are a variety of dental implants available. Don’t be afraid to ask one of our helpful practitioners for advice and information!

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