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Taking Care Of Your Invisalign

If you’ve recently gone home with your first set of Invisalign Golders Green aligners or you’re about to start your Invisalign journey then this one’s for you. We’re about to talk you through all the basics on caring for your Invisalign trays and our top tips on keeping them super shiny.

What Are Invisalign Golders Green?

Invisalign are clear plastic trays used to straighten teeth, unlike traditional methods they don’t use wired or even remain fixed in position during straightening treatment times. They’re excellent for those wanting a subtle fix to their orthodontic treatment and fantastic if you’re worried about keeping your teeth in good health during an orthodontic treatment.

Cleaning Is Caring

We can’t stress enough how important cleaning is to your Invisalign aligners, both in terms of the trays themselves and in taking care of your teeth. If you neglect any part of the cleaning process you could be putting the health of your teeth at risk and damaging your aligner trays in the process, so pay lots of attention when we’re talking you're through the cleaning steps.

Cleaning Your Invisalign Golders Green

Cleaning your Invisalign doesn’t have to be a big or tricky task, just invest in the following tools and you’ll be easily keeping them clean everyday.

For daily cleaning you need a manual small soft bristle toothbrush and some clear non-toxic soap or white toothpaste. You want to apply a tiny amount of either to the brush, even less than a pea will do and very gently brush along the inside and outside of the aligners, this will brush away the top layer of bacteria build up. This should be done at least once a day either morning or night but if you want brownie points you could do an even lighter second clean.

To give your aligners back their shine you want to invest in a soluble cleaning solution. This doesn’t by any means need to break the bank. There are lots of cheap alternatives on the market, a simple denture cleaner will do the trick but you can opt for Invisalign cleaning crystals or retainer brite, the choice is yours. These products will soak up any bacteria you’ve missed when cleaning but will also give back that clear shine so your aligners keep that invisible look.

Cleaning Your Teeth

Invisalign is amazing and we love working with patients to achieve amazing results with them, but they can act as a dental greenhouse for germs and for that reason it’s super important that you’re keeping on top of your cleaning EVERY SINGLE DAY! And that includes flossing, gum disease is super common for those undergoing orthodontics as people begging to neglect the cleaning of their teeth! With invisalign being removable there’s really no excuse for this!


We want to leave you with a few of our top tips…

Always carry a hard case for when you need to remove your aligners. Never, ever, ever eat or drink in your aligners (unless it’s water) and carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste.

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