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Taking Care Of Dental Implants

If you’re thinking about dental implants Golders Green or have already had them fitted, maintaining them to the best of your ability is key. Dental implants are an amazing system. There's no doubt about that but how amazing they work for you and for how long very much depends on how well you do or don’t look after them. For this reason we’ve put together a guide on what we think are the key components of taking care of dental implants Golders Green.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a two part fixture that are drilled into the bone of your jaw. They are usually made from titanium as this is a substance found to naturally occur in the body and so is less likely to be rejected by it. The implants themselves take a little while to fix as each stage needs to heal before the next can be completed and in some cases it might be required that the patient have a bone graft done prior to the fitting on the anchor.

Immediate Aftercare

When thinking about how you will take care of your dental implants Golders Green you need to think to the very beginning of the healing. Those first few days and weeks are super important in the long-term health of your implants just as with any surgery recovery.

What You Can Be Doing To Speed Recovery

The recovery for implants isn’t actually a major one but there are a few little things you can do to help the process along.

We recommend avoiding sauna, steam rooms and sun beds for the first week or so. This is due to temperature changes being aggravating to the surgery site.

Try where you can, especially in the first few days to avoid any strenuous activity or exercise as we want to keep blood flow and pressure down. Take the first couple of days to relax and enjoy having your loved ones take care of you!

Moving Forward

Your dental implants are only going to last if you take care of them. They are going to function just as your natural teeth do and so if plaque and tartar is left to build up then you will feel the consequences of this. Just because these teeth are false does not mean they do not need excellent care!

Cleaning Is Key

If you’re unsure of what cleaning best practices are then it’s best you become acquainted with them as soon as possible. At the very minimum you should be brushing twice daily for at least two minutes. You should be flossing EVERY DAY as this is the only way to get deep down in the gum line and remove the bacterias which will lead to decay and gum disease.

A Word On Peri-implantitis

If you’re unsure exactly what this is then it’s well worth a google. Peri-implantitis refers to the rejection of your implants due to infection. These infections are usually caused by lack of cleaning or insufficient cleaning.

If you want to learn more then book in to see one of the team, who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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