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Taking a trip to the dentist to get dental implants in Golders Green

When was the last time you paid a visit to the dentist? If you cannot remember then it sounds like a visit to the dentist is well overdue. Luckily, in the area of Golders Green, there are a number of dental practices to visit, including our very own Garden Dental Practice.

At The Garden Dental Practice we offer many treatments of a high standard to our patients, which is why so many individuals come to us to help them with their dental concerns.

What treatments do you offer at your practice?

At the Garden Dental Practice, as part of our restorative dentistry, we offer treatments for broken teeth, crowns, bridges and dentures. So if you have suffered from a lost or damaged tooth and are in need of some assistance, The Garden Dental Practice can and will provide you with the best treatment available.

Should I invest in dentures?

As previously mentioned, The Garden Dental Practice offers restorative treatments for individuals who have suffered from either a lost or damaged tooth. If your tooth has been damaged, but not completely lost it may be advisable to get a crown fitted. By getting a crown fitted your damaged tooth will be able to be restored to its natural size and shape, completing your smile. If you need to replace a tooth or teeth, we may advise you to invest in dentures.

Dentures are artificial teeth usually made out of acrylic or nylon, which are placed over the gums to fill the gaps left by missing teeth, Dentures can either be full or partial and at The Garden Dental Practice we offer precision and attachment dentures to give a patient the full functionality of their teeth back.

Why dentures may be a good option for you

Although dentures may initially feel weird to you, there are a number of benefits which come with having dentures. One of the most immediate benefits is that you’re left feeling more comfortable and confident as you now have a set of fully functioning teeth again. Dentures are also able to support your lips and jaws, and will also help with speech. If, however, you are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing dentures daily, you may want to consider another option; dental implants in Golders Green.

Another option to restore your smile - dental implants in Golders Green

Unlike dentures, dental implants are not removable. They are permanently fixed in the jaw where a tooth should be. This makes it a more preferred dental treatment for individuals because it immediately eliminates the chance of a mishap; for example the dental implant shifting or falling out completely. Dental implants in Golders Green are also made to look like, and to mimic, the remaining teeth in a patient’s mouth. This means that the dental implant will be hard to notice amongst the remaining teeth.

This treatment also allows patients to maintain their regular oral routines, as the placement of the dental implant does not compromise the ability to brush or floss as normal.

Dental implants in Golders Green are also said to last up to 25 years with proper care and maintenance, meaning they are a long lasting investment.

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