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Straightening out your smile with Invisalign in Golders Green

As you get older your teeth can slowly become misaligned and crooked. It’s a fairly common disorder and it can cause a number of other oral complications, aside from making you feel less than confident about your smile.

Plenty of patients come in for Invisalign in Golders Green, here’s how we can use it to help straighten out that smile and keep it stronger for longer.

What is it?

If you are unfamiliar with the practice of using Invisalign in Golders Green then don’t worry, it’s a very simple process. It essentially involves the placing of a corrective brace over the top of your teeth with the purpose of slowly rotating them into a straighter position within your gum line.

The realignment is managed by the brace placing a gentle amount of pressure on key points of your teeth and over time this constant force should turn them and give them a much neater appearance.

What makes them different from other braces?

As we previously mentioned, this treatment involves using a brace to realign your teeth. This is exactly the same as a normal brace, but where the two differ is that Invisalign braces are removable and are made from a see-through plastic material that makes them almost invisible. Plus the fitting is quick and normally involves briefly scanning your teeth to make sure that your new brace will fit correctly. At the Garden Dental Practice our highly trained team will get the precise measurements of your teeth needed to craft a comfortable and tight fitting brace, that will give you the straighter smile you deserve.

Is it there any discomfort?

A fairly common question that patients will have about a treatment is if there is going to be any discomfort or pain involved, as this can be quite a big source of anxiety amongst visitors to the practice. With this particular procedure the only discomfort you should feel is after wearing the brace for a few days. This is because your teeth are being gently moved around, so there may be a little discomfort or a feeling of ‘pressure’ in your mouth.

To counter this we generally recommend that patients use shop bought painkillers when appropriate to try and lessen these symptoms.

Tips for keeping that brace clean

Once you have the brace fitted your main responsibility is going to be keeping it clean, as lack of regular upkeep can lead to plaque and bacteria forming on the brace, which can then easily transfer to your teeth and cause all sorts of damage.

To make sure your brace is kept shiny we advise that you give it a light brushing at least once every other day with a recommended cleaning solution. After cleaning you should leave it to dry in a hard bodied container to keep it safe and sterile.

These are just a few interesting facts about our invisible braces. If you would like to learn more about how they could help straighten out your smile or to schedule a consultation about your own brace, just get in touch with our team at the practice.

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