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Straighten up your smile with Invisalign in Golders Green

Everyone at some point in their life has become self-conscious about their smile, it’s something we use everyday to interact with others and not feeling confident in it can have quite a negative impact. But there are steps you can take to fix any misaligned teeth such as asking our dentist about Invisalign in Golders Green.

What is it?

Invisible clear braces may sound pretty high tech, but it’s essentially a see-through brace that will be custom fitted to your mouth which you need to wear on a daily basis. Then over time our dentist will swap it with slightly different fitted braces that will gently realign your teeth to reduce their crooked appearance.

How does the treatment work?

At the Garden Dental Practice, we make sure that the entire treatment process is quick, easy to understand and stress free. When you first arrive at the practice our dentist will go over what the process will involve, the length of time it will take and what you need to do to look after the brace.

Then a series of scans will be performed with a laser or LED based machine that will map out the topography of your teeth. This will allow us to create a 3D image of your mouth that we can use to digitally move your teeth around to show you how we can fix any parts that are crooked.

Once everyone’s happy we will use these scans to create a custom fitted see-through brace for you to wear that applies a small amount of pressure on your teeth to realign them to their new resting place.

Advantages of the brace

There are a number of neat advantages to having Invisalign in Golders Green over other treatments. As an example, because the brace is clear you won’t have to worry about how you will look with it in your mouth out in public, as it’s practically invisible.

Another benefit is that it’s really easy to clean. We recommend mixing a small amount of cleaning solution with water, then lightly scrub this solution all over the appliance to aid in the reduction of bacteria and keep it stain free.

Post-care advice from dentists

If you undergo this treatment here’s some post-care advice to practice at home.

Because pressure is being placed on your teeth for this procedure there may be some discomfort, but you can counter this with any store-bought painkillers. Also, if you plan on removing the brace at all for cleaning, eating or brushing your teeth, try to not leave it out for too long. It needs to be in place for at least 22 hours a day, any longer and you risk interfering with the realignment.

These are just a few interesting facts about why you should consider this type of treatment to fix your crooked teeth. So, if you want to improve your smile then give our practice a call now and see what Invisalign in Golders Green can do for you.

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