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Still unaware of how dental implants in Golders Green could help your smile?

The full set

Here at The Garden Dental Practice, our committed dental practitioners and expert specialists are dedicated to ensuring the needs of the patient are met and surpassed, and that they feel relaxed, comfortable and included through every step of their treatment. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a patient smile, and finding their self-confidence to be uplifted because of a treatment they have received from us here at The Garden Dental Practice. One of the most rewarding treatments that we offer - for both the dentist and the patient - is that of dental implants in Golders Green, which fully restore the smiles of those who have lost one or more of their teeth. Patients who opt for this method of treatment usually find the results to be almost identical to a natural tooth, and find their smiles permanently and cosmetically restored.

What exactly are dental implants?

Dental implants in Golders Green that we offer our patients here at The Garden Dental Practice, are one of the most effective and permanent solutions for those who have lost a tooth and have a space within their mouths. Many people out there aren’t fully aware of the damage that having an untreated gap in their teeth can potentially have, or to what extent they could benefit from dental implants in Golders Green. If a patient loses one or more of their teeth, but does not fill the space for a considerable amount of time, eventually the entire bone structure of their face can become altered, as the unused bone tissue around the gap is absorbed by the patient's body. The results of this can have a damaging effect on both how a patient looks, and their levels of self-esteem. Thankfully however, it is now possible for those who have lost a tooth to have it permanently restored through dental implant treatment. The basis of dental implants is to insert a false tooth root directly into the jawbone of the patient, which then fuses with the patient's bone tissue and as a result can be used as a permanent, fixed anchor point onto which the dental practitioner attaches a replica tooth or denture.

What does the process entail?

Unlike other methods of treatment to replace a lost tooth, such as a dental crown or a bridge which typically fill in a space by sitting on the patient's gumline, dental implants solve the issue at a deeper level. Anyone who is currently living with an untreated missing tooth, and looking to restore it on a permanent basis, ought to contact us here at The Garden Dental Practice to arrange a consultation and begin setting their treatment plan in motion. Following the initial assessment of the patient's oral health, and explaining the process in great detail to the patient, a small dental operation is required to permanently bond the implants with the patient's jawbone. This entails stripping back a portion of the patient's gum and making a deep hole directly into their jawbone. Into this, the titanium-alloy tooth root is inserted. Titanium-alloy is used in this instance as it has the unique ability to bond itself within bone tissue. After this has happened, and some time has passed, a replica tooth is then fixed in place and the patient has a new, indistinguishable and permanently fixed in place tooth. The benefits of this treatment are inestimable for both dental and psychological health.

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