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Single tooth dental implants in Golders Green

If you’re about to undergo, or have recently had, tooth extraction surgery due to injury or decay and you are looking at replacing the tooth, there is no better option than to do so with dental implants in Golders Green. We at The Garden Dental Practice know from years of experience the importance of a full and healthy smile for patients and how having a gap in your smile can negatively affect your confidence, but what you may not know is the problem with that gap runs much deeper than you think.

The problems with a missing tooth

Human anatomy is a strange and wonderful thing, did you know that the jawbone is the only bone in your body capable of being reabsorbed when it isn’t needed to hold teeth in place? And this is exactly what happens when you are missing a tooth, the bone surrounding that area begins to dissolve. Now, this doesn’t happen overnight, it does take some time, but if it is just left to do so, the teeth surrounding the gap may become loose and fall out and your face may appear to look sunken or drawn in, making you look older than you are.

How can implants help?

Dental implants in Golders Green are not just used to restore your smile and give you the ability to bite and chew with ease and confidence, they are there to give your bone something to cling on to and in fact, encourage it to grow back. An implant is a small titanium screw which is set into the jaw in place of a tooth’s natural root, human bone tissue absolutely loves to grow around titanium, making it the ideal substance to use in the jaw as it is almost never rejected by the human body.

The procedure for a single missing tooth

Numbing - first we will numb the side of your face where the surgery will take place, we never aim to cause pain and so you won’t feel a thing when the next steps are undertaken.

Cutting and drilling - we will make a small incision in the gum where the missing tooth used to be in order to expose the bone, then we will drill a small opening in order to place the implant.

Healing - after the implant is placed we will stitch the gum up again and provide you with a temporary tooth bridge to close the gap, then you will be sent home to wait for the healing process to take place. This usually takes about 6 months, but you won’t feel a thing as the bone secures itself to the implant.

Second appointment - after the healing, we will open the gum once more and connect an abutment to the implant (sometimes this is done at the first appointment) and then secure a prosthetic to the abutment, the false tooth for dental implants in Golders Green is incredibly realistic and convincing. Once all is done you will have a new strong tooth, quite possibly for the rest of your life.

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