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Should I have dental implants in Golders Green?

This question underlines the importance of consulting your dentist who is best qualified to advise you on the correct course of treatment to solve your particular problem. In the vast number of cases most patients should be able to have dental implants in Golders Green provided they are considered healthy enough to have a tooth extracted or any oral surgery. We will do a thorough assessment of your condition and your lifestyle. You will need to have healthy gums and a sufficiently solid jawbone structure. If you are suffering from heart disease or diabetes, or if you are a smoker, or you have recently had any type of radiation treatment to your head or the neck area, you require special evaluation.

What are the benefits?

You will obviously see an immediate improvement if you have had a gap in the front row of your teeth in the past. In addition the unseen benefits dental implants Golders Green will give you are that the implant will feel as comfortable as any of your own teeth. Your ability to chew your food will be instantly more obvious, as you will be able to eat your more favoured foods confident in the knowledge that you will not feel any pain. You will also find that your dental hygiene routine can be completed more easily, as there is better access between your teeth. As mentioned at the start, if you suffer a gap in the front row of your teeth your self-esteem will be substantially improved and you feel more confident and better about yourself if you decide to have dental implants.

What's involved in the procedure?

What you can expect from us is that we will conduct a variety of investigations, from a questionnaire to complete 3D CT scans and X-rays. These are vital to determine the condition of your gums and jawbone and the exact location of your sinuses and nerves. We will then discuss with you exactly what will happen at each stage. The next phase will be carried out by our orthodontist who will determine where the implant or implants will be placed. Implants can normally be performed under local anaesthetic, or if you require, under sedation. Once the implants have been placed, your healing process is normally anywhere from three to six months. During this period you will be able to wear temporary dentures if needed. After three months we will assess the progress of your healing and if you have progressed as anticipated the newly moulded crown, or other prosthetic if more than one tooth restored, will be securely fitted and your confidence and smile restored.

Is the procedure painful?

We go out of our way to ensure that our patients suffer the minimum amount of discomfort possible. Obviously this is a surgical procedure and you will feel uncomfortable for a period, but generally our patients maintain that there is less discomfort than a tooth extraction. Our years of experience performing this procedure have allowed us to develop a quality service designed to provide maximum satisfaction for our patients.

Proper care and attention

It is important that you conduct a proper and thorough oral hygiene regime every day and we will guide you in caring for your teeth including your dental implants Golders Green. Our patients are why we are here and we look forward to welcoming you for all your oral and dental care.

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