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Revisit youth with facial aesthetics and dental implants in Golders Green

Here at The Garden Dental Practice, we provide treatments to resolve dental issues and to improve the appearance. Many people struggle with the idea of ageing, but thanks to options such as facial aesthetics and dental implants Golders Green, our patients do not have to simply accept the inevitable. They can choose to get their sparkle back and revisit their youth with these highly beneficial treatments.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by a variety of factors. Smoking and sunbathing can accelerate the process, but in most cases these pesky reminders that we are no longer in the first flush of youth are simply the result of advancing in years. Fortunately, our patients do not have to simply accept the existence of visible signs of ageing.

Botox is given via injection just underneath the skin. It is used to treat areas such as the forehead, around the eyes and around the mouth. This special protein instantly relaxes the muscles underneath. The result of this relaxation is that the area appears smoother and younger.

Botox can turn a tired looking patient into one that appears youthful, refreshed and relaxed. This can result in a new-found energy and vigour and allow the patient to feel good about how they look.

Lip fillers

Full plump lips are often considered the preserve of young people. The lips often thin as we age and this can cause a person to look older which can result in a corresponding drop in self-confidence. Lip fillers can resolve this issue and allow a person to get a new look that is more in keeping with how young they still feel inside.

Dental implants Golders Green

Having missing teeth can be very ageing. If nothing is done to treat the issue, then the patient’s gums can shrink over time. This results in changes to the facial structure and can cause the area around the mouth to collapse slightly. This can cause the patient to look much older than their years, and in some cases, they might have difficulties with their speech too. Both these issues can be detrimental to the mental wellbeing of the patient, who is then more likely to withdraw socially due to feeling low about their appearance.

Dental implants Golders Green can prevent these facial structure changes from occurring and allow the patient to continue to look like their youthful selves. Teeth that have been replaced using implants are very natural looking which helps to increase confidence.

Dental implants provide a very stable base for new teeth, which means that the patient can talk and laugh without any concerns about them moving around. They can also enjoy food as much as they did in their youth, as the new teeth can be considered robust enough to withstand any foodstuff. For the patient who looks forward to special meals and holidays that involve trying out the local delicacies, implants are the ideal way to maintain the enthusiasm associated with a much younger person.

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