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Restoring that lost smile with dental implants in Golders Green

Losing a tooth or having a substantial amount of damage appear either through injury or just old age, can seem like a nightmare scenario at first, but there are ways to repair those dents and dings. Your dentist may recommend you try out our dental implants in Golders Green procedure to help restore that smile you have lost.

Here’s some extra information about this smile saving process.

What are implants?

For those that are not familiar with our dental implants in Golders Green treatment plan, it involves the insertion of a prosthetic tooth, using a replacement tooth root underneath your gum line to strengthen and fix that broken smile. The teeth are attached to your jawbone via a sterilised titanium screw and then over time that bone site should start to heal back over the screw thus creating a stable foundation for the new tooth to rest on.

The prosthetics are either made from porcelain or ceramic and they are shaped and shaded by our team to look like your remaining teeth, to allow their new neighbour to blend right in. At The Garden Dental Practice our team are expertly trained in techniques used to restore that lost smile and in a short span of time they can give you a smile you will love showing off.

When are they used?

An implantation is very common and your dentist may suggest it for a number of reasons, but here are some of the usual reasons we may recommend you try it.

If you have any large cracks or damage to your teeth which means a normal repair with a veneer or alternative treatment is not an option. Another reason would be if the tooth was decayed or diseased beyond saving and having it remain in your gum line would put your remaining teeth or gums at risk. Or if there are any gaps that require filling in to either strengthen your bite, boost confidence or solve other oral issues.

Is the procedure complicated?

Fitting an implant is fairly straightforward and shouldn’t take too long as the surgery is very minor. There may be some cleaning beforehand to make sure the implant site itself is clean, but this shouldn’t take longer than an average clean.

Is it going to hurt?

A question we encounter a lot with patients is if the treatment we have planned for them is going to be painful. In the case of implants there may be some mild discomfort as it does involve some small amount of surgery in your gum line, but your dentist will normally use a local anaesthetic to numb the area first to limit your discomfort as much as they possibly can.

Tips for cleaning

After your new tooth is in place you will need to keep the area clean as your gums heal, as failure to do so could lead to infection and inflammation setting in. We recommend giving it a light brush as part of your normal oral routine, use dental floss around the tooth gently and avoid contact with mouthwash for a few days, as the chemical content could irritate your gums as they heal.

Hopefully this has helped to clear up some of your questions about our implant treatments and how we can use them to help restore your smile.

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