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Our SmartFix™ solution dental implants Golders Green

Here at The Garden Dental Practice we've always presented our patients with the best and newest dental techniques and provide dental implants Golders Green, using Ankylos SmartFix™ as our primary method of immobilising dentures.

One of the great advantages that dental implants Golders Green have is their role in anchoring prosthetics. Traditionally, bridges were held in place by wiring them to adjacent teeth, but this increases the stress on those teeth and often results in them becoming damaged over time. Dentures are useful as they are replacing a whole set of teeth, and are held in place using friction. This can result in rubbing, resulting in very uncomfortable sensations, making dentures unsuitable for many patients. By using an implant to immobilise these prosthetics, the issue of adhesives or damage to surrounding teeth is permanently resolved. Also integrating these prosthetics into the patient's mouth helps them feel more a part of the patient, as well as the closest thing you can get to replacing a tooth!

We at Garden Dental are pleased to be using Ankylos SmartFix™, many of the benefits are not initially obvious to patients. They are quite technical and involve an extendable and adjustable compartment. The compartment is a small connecting device that anchors the implant under the gum to the prosthetic tooth above it. Using this type of implant is much easier for both us and our patients, improving the lives of our patients by shortening the fitting process and increasing the chances of a seamless incident-free procedure.

We usually fit around 4-6 dental implants Golders Green in order to immobilise a complete denture. Thanks to the advantages of the more advanced restorative technology, we are now able to determine exactly how many implants are required for each prosthetic that we use. And with Ankylos SmartFix™, we can usually fit multiple new teeth by using just 4 implants. Prior to this, we would have to take a set of X-rays in order to conduct a proper assessment, to ensure that your jawbone is strong enough to support Ankylos SmartFix™ but we have found that most patients are suitable.

What differentiates this technology from other implants is the arrangement; placing implants at quite steep angles up to 30 degrees. Usually, for the implants placed at the back of the mouth, they would be fitted tilting away from the back of the mouth. By spreading the load in such a way with Ankylos SmartFix™, less implants are required overall. The use of a tilted implants system also allows areas of high bone density to be utilised to greatest effect, which is particularly useful for patients who may be suffering from some atrophy of their jawbone or may have degenerative disorders. So,if anything, more patients will be suitable for this type of implant over standard ones.

There are no further requirements to receive this implant technology over any others and if you have been told that you are suitable for implants, you would be able to use our system. In order to find out more information and if this system is tailored to you, contact our team at our practice for an initial consultation.

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