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Nine reasons you should seriously think about dental implants in Golders Green

We lose our teeth for so many reasons and society can sometimes make us feel ashamed for this. But actually most people will suffer tooth loss at some point in their life and it is no small thing, the implications can be really impactful on our lives both practically and mentally, so finding a long-term solution like dental implants Golders Green can be totally life changing.

We have found that dental implantation has become a favoured tooth replacement therapy and below we give the reasons why.

Nine reasons to opt for dental implants

Number One

Dental implants look like natural teeth. Considering the aesthetics of your tooth restoration is just as important as its function. Dental implants are as close to the natural tooth as possible. When you smile nobody will tell the difference between your real teeth and the prosthesis fitted with the implant.

Number Two

Dental implants are as strong as your natural teeth. Dental implants Golders Green are actually embedded into your jawbone, the bone ossifies around them which keeps them in place. This means your dental implants will have the same strength as your natural teeth. You should be able to eat steak, apples and many other foods that other teeth replacements would warn against.

Number Three

Dental implants function as your normal teeth, you will be able to talk, chew, and live normally. No worries about awkward gaps and loose dentures.

Number Four

Dental implants Golders Green actually protect against bone loss. Many people lose their teeth because of a reduction in bone density, but when the implants are fitted they will begin to stimulate the bone in that area again and cause more bone to start to be produced once more. If you use other forms of teeth replacement the bone doesn’t get this stimulation and can cause more tooth loss over time.

Number Five

Dental implants are long lasting, when you look after your implants properly they can last many, many years possibly even the rest of your life. You need to maintain really good oral hygiene and attend regular check-ups.

Number Six

Implants are safe, they have an excellent safety record, but must of course be fitted by highly trained, qualified dental professionals such as ourselves at The Garden Dental Practice.

Number Seven

Dental implants do not cause damage to your other teeth. One of the downsides of having dental bridges is that the teeth on either side of the lost tooth have to be damaged to create the anchor for your missing tooth.

Number Eight

Implants can give you back your confidence. Many of our patients suffer really bad anxiety or body image issues because of their missing teeth. Having a smile you can be proud of goes far beyond just the function of your teeth, it’s about how you feel about your whole smile.

Number Nine

They are actually far more affordable than you may think. We won’t shy away from the fact implants are expensive, but their long-term value is unmatchable. Other restorations will likely have to be replaced repeatedly during your life, but implants could be a one time fix. When you break down the costs you are actually making a smarter long-term investment. We would be happy to help you make a decision about any tooth restoration treatment you may be thinking about. A consultation with our dental professional will base any advice given around your particular needs, oral/general health and preferences.

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