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Multiple dental implants in Golders Green

If you have a few missing teeth in a row, or all of your teeth have been taken out and you are currently living with dentures, you will be pleased to know that dental implants in Golders Green offer you a solution to have a fixed and permanent set of teeth in place of a bridge or those bothersome loose dentures. At The Garden Dental Practice, we want you to get the most out of life and we know that having a set of fixed permanent teeth can greatly aid you in this goal. So why not read more and find out what benefits you stand to enjoy after having this procedure.

Benefits of implants

Dental implants in Golders Green don’t just hold teeth in place; they help restore the bone by giving it something to fuse with. Once you lose a whole tooth root and all that goes with it, the jawbone will slowly begin to dissolve causing your facial structure and shape to change. Your cheeks will become drawn in making your face look older. This loss of bone structure is something you need to try to avoid and this can be done with titanium implants, because there is nothing human bone tissue loves more than to grow around titanium to give stability.

To replace loose bridges

If you have multiple missing teeth in a row, a bridge can be used to restore the look of that particular arch. It may be that you currently have a bridge that is connected by two crowns on either side allowing the false teeth to rest above the gum, but this is doing nothing for the bone structure as previously discussed. However, you will be happy to hear that a bridge can be supported by only 1 or 2 implants which not only fits the false teeth more securely in the mouth, but also supports the bone for the rest of your life.

To secure dentures

There is an implant procedure called All-On-Four and as the name suggests we can support an entire set of dentures on only 4 implants placed in key areas (2 at the top, 2 at the bottom). These not only hold the false teeth firmly in place, but encourage the bone to grow back in the most needed areas.

The procedure

Dental implants in Golders Green consists of a surgical procedure with a long healing period, due to the fact that the bone needs to be given a chance to grow. After thoroughly numbing the area we will open the gum and drill a small hole into the bone where we will place the implant. Once all the implants have been placed in this way the gums are then closed once more and you are fitted with a temporary bridge or denture to go home and await the healing process. This usually takes about 6 months. At a second appointment, we will fix a bridge or set of dentures to the implants which are now secure enough to withstand everything you will put your new secured teeth through.

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