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Make your life better with dental implants in Golders Green!

Why is it important to take care of your teeth?

We, at The Garden Dental Practice, believe that having good dental health will help you enjoy a more fulfilling life. Good oral health is bound to make a positive impact on your personal as well as professional life, whilst enhancing your appearance. Dental health is also directly linked to general wellbeing. We know that with busy everyday life and commitments it can be difficult for you to take the time to focus on your dental health. But we strongly recommend that you take some time to do so. Through doing this you can avoid serious dental complications and issues that may arise in the future.

What can you do to improve your dental hygiene?

There are several things that we can suggest that you do to improve your dental hygiene. The first thing that you can do is to brush your teeth at least twice a day and you should also floss your teeth frequently, both of these functions carried out within a daily regime will help you maintain your dental health. Altering some of your daily habits is also something that we suggest. Drinking more water and eating crunchy fruit and vegetables will also help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. However for some of our patients it is already too late.

What if you have lost teeth?

There are several treatment options we offer for missing teeth. One popular option is to have dental implants Golders Green which act as replacements for whole tooth structures including the roots. Dental implants Golders Greengive a strong foundation for any prosthetics our dentists might recommend. Because the implant integrates with the jawbone it gives complete confidence to patients as it is so sturdy, this has a positive impact on the overall appearance of the patient as these replacements look and act like their original teeth. Wearing dental implants Golders Green will improve your speech and help you communicate confidently.

Missing teeth can cause a lot of mental distress and might make you worry and stress about your appearance and overall look. You might feel very self-conscious and this will limit your potential and the opportunities to grow in your personal as well as your professional life.

An artificial tooth or teeth will restore the overall aesthetics of your mouth and enhance your appearance. This treatment restores full functionality, as well as self-confidence and will improve the overall structure of your mouth significantly. As it will not stand out from your original teeth you don’t have to worry about it affecting you in a negative manner. It’s one of the most effective treatment options you can opt for to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

This treatment facilitates easier eating as the titanium rod once healed within the jawbone creates durability and strength like that of natural teeth. This makes chewing and consuming your favourite foods easier and enjoyable once more.

This treatment option involves minimal discomfort, therefore it doesn't have a negative impact on your life. You can face the world with an elevated sense of self-esteem as this procedure willrestore your appearance. We have dental professionals who can offer this service to you and help you make the right decision in terms of deciding if this is right for your situation.

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