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Maintenance advice for patients using Invisalign in Golders Green

Fitting an invisible brace is a simple and quick process that should result in you having a lovely straight smile at the end of your treatment. However, if you fail to properly maintain and clean your brace you may run into some complications with your realignment.

To make sure you get the right results from your invisible braces we’ve come up with a few cleaning tips for our patients of Invisalign in Golders Green to help you make that aligner last.

Give it a good brush

The simplest and easiest decision you can make after receiving Invisalign in Golders Greenis to just give your braces a thorough cleaning often. Generally, we advise that you give the surface of the brace a light brushing at least once every other day with a recommended cleaning solution. Doing this often will kill off any harmful bacteria that may be hiding on the brace, as well as reduce staining and eliminate plaque build-up that could spread to your teeth.

When cleaning try to avoid using an electric brush or soaking the aligner overnight in cleaning liquid as this can weaken and thin the plastic over time. At the Garden Dental Practice our team can provide a wealth of information on the correct cleaning practices to help you keep that brace looking bright.

Rinse it often

Throughout the day gunk and plaque can start to appear between the brace and your teeth. Over time this can lead to cavities and gum disease setting in, but giving the brace a rinse regularly can clear this out and prevent the surface from any harmful bacteria building up.

You should also give it a light cleaning with water before you put it back in if you remove it any time, as this will clear off any saliva that may have dried in. Otherwise this can become a breeding ground for germs.

Keep it in a container

Because the braces are removable one of the biggest problems you can face is a brace becoming contaminated from the surface it is placed on or worse, accidentally damaged in your pocket or stolen by a pet that is being particularly mischievous one day. To keep your aligners sterile and safe, we recommend that you store them inside somewhere safe like a hard bodied container, whenever you take them out. This has to be done whether it’s taken out for a break, eating meals, brushing your teeth or cleaning the braces.

Leave it in

Although it may seem pretty obvious, the main thing you can to do make sure your brace lasts is to just leave it in your mouth as long as you are instructed to. Average treatment time for a realignment is around 12 to 13 months, although this can vary for younger patients, so you need to be patient and take proper care of your aligners.

So if you are struggling to keep your brace looking shiny then just try a few of these helpful tips to keep it clear of any gunk and germs. If you need any further cleaning tips or require a replacement brace, then just get in touch with our team at the practice.

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