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Let Invisalign in Golders Green discreetly align the potential of your smile

Something to smile about

At The Garden Dental Practice, we’re all about making our patients happy.

By providing a tailored dental and orthodontic service that is worked around the unique needs and dental desires of every patient we have developed a reputation as one of the top providers of discrete orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign in Golders Green.

Over the years, our specialist cosmetic orthodontist has helped countless patients find their true smiles and a sense of self-confidence that matches.

What is Invisalign in Golders Green?

Despite its worldwide acclaim and proven success rate, there still remains a number of people out there who are not seeking out orthodontic assistance because they are unaware of their available options.

Invisalign in Golders Green is an alternative orthodontic treatment to realign a patient's smile. This massively improves their oral health by reducing the likelihood of the patient getting gum-related problems such as gingivitis or periodontal diseases.

Unlike conventional braces - which typically use brackets and wires to apply tension to every tooth - the Invisalign method uses a transparent, custom-made retainer to realign out-of-place teeth.

As the retainer is wafer-thin and transparent, it slips completely out of sight when worn. Within the retainer, deliberately placed pressure points gradually force the targeted teeth into their correct place.

This is generally found to be a far more relaxed and comfortable means of realigning a smile, as nothing requires bonding to the patient's teeth or mouth.

Additionally, the retainer can be removed whenever the patient chooses - which provides a level of freedom that other orthodontic methods rarely can.

How do I get Invisalign?

If the idea of discreetly and comfortably aligning your oral future sounds appealing, then reach out to us here at The Garden Dental Practice and we can begin the necessary steps involved in beginning the Invisalign process.

Typically Invisalign treatment from us here involves the following:

  1. Firstly our expert practitioners will carry out a brief examination of your oral condition to determine whether or not you are suited to Invisalign and to take any photographs that may be needed.

  2. Should the patient be deemed fit to proceed, we will then take further photographs and x-rays of the interior of the patient mouth. These will be used to create each unique Invisalign retainer. These photographs also allow us to generate an accurate 3D rendering of how the patient’s teeth will look after completing Invisalign.

  3. Next, we give the patient their set of Invisalign retainers to wear over their teeth every day and change periodically. Because Invisalign retainers are made from comfortable plastic, patients can wear them easily for the recommended time of 22 hours a day.

  4. As treatment progresses we like to stay on top of things by having the patient return every 4-6 weeks of a check-up. This way their progress can be monitored and they can visibly see the progress of how far they have come. Seeing a patient's progress in such a way often has an uplifting effect.

If you are interested in finding out whether Invisalign could be used to help put a smile on your face, then speak to one of our staff here at The Garden Dental Practice and we’ll get the ball rolling.


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