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Is your smile missing out on the discrete power of Invisalign in Golders Green?

Back in action

Here at The Garden Dental Practice, we understand the strain that our patients have been under over the last year as getting regular help from their dentist proved more difficult than ever. Now however we are overjoyed to be back in action and creating beautiful, healthy smiles through treatments such as Invisalign in Golders Green once again.

What is Invisalign in Golders Green?

Having crooked or out-of-place teeth can present a world of problems for patients, both in a social respect and in terms of their overall dental health. Many people who require orthodontic treatments refrain from doing so as they are afraid of having to wear a fixed metallic brace for around twelve months - which can impact how others see you and cause embarrassment in school or the workplace.

However this variety of braces are only one option, and treatments such as Invisalign in Golders Green have been engineered for this exact reason - as they give patients a chance to align their teeth and boost their oral health, without leaving a trace on their appearance.

How does Invisalign work?

Conventional braces work by bonding ceramic or plastic brackets to every individual tooth and then connecting them together with a tension wire. While this is effective in achieving a straighter smile, it is not the most discrete method of attaining a straighter smile. Invisalign however uses an altogether different approach which is entirely non-invasive and completely removable.

Rather than bonding brackets to each tooth, the Invisalign method consists purely of a removable, custom-made dental retainer.

This retainer is made from a specialist plastic called SmartTrack - which is used due to its thin construction and malleable composition. Within every custom-built retainer, there are carefully placed pressure points that apply force to teeth that have been identified as being crooked or out of place.

As this retainer is removable, patients have the unique ability to choose when or where they carry out their orthodontic treatment - such as the option to take their retainer out when eating or attending an important social event.

What does the Invisalign process involve?

If you have crooked or badly placed teeth and would like to discover whether or not Invisalign could give you the opportunity to discreetly and comfortably align your smile then the first step involves speaking with one of our cosmetic dentists in a consultation.

After we’ve worked out whether or not you are eligible for Invisalign treatment - as your gums and teeth must be healthy enough for the process to be successful - several photographs and impressions will then be taken, from which your unique Invisalign retainer can be crafted. Once your custom-made retainer has been crafted by our Invisalign dentists, you can then take it home and begin carrying out the treatment.

We advise that you wear your retainer every day for at least 22 hours in order to be effective - however, you can choose to remove it whenever you wish, such as when attending an important event or posing for a picture.

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