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Invisalign making smiling a pleasure!

Are your teeth making you feel self-conscious when you smile? Your teeth may appear too prominent because you are suffering from malocclusion. In simple terms that means that your teeth do not align properly causing an overbite or a crossbite or maybe your mouth is overcrowded. It does not matter if you are a young person or a mature adult Invisalign Golders Green has a modern discreet solution. Our friendly, welcoming and experienced team will guide you and help you to produce a smile to be proud of without feeling self-conscious.

Get a preview of your smile

Invisalign Golders Green involves the use of the latest technology to conduct a thorough examination of your mouth, using a scanner that can take thousands of images per second. This provides us with a detailed and accurate view of the inside of your mouth. We can then assess your condition and discuss how we can help you. We can even show you, beforehand, what your smile will look like after you have completed your treatment. This will help you to make your decision. We will also encourage you to not be reticent in asking questions. You must make the final decision to proceed so it is important that you know and understand what is involved.

Not your traditional dental misalignment corrector

Invisalign Golders Green first made its appearance in the mid 1990s and has evolved rapidly since then into a high-tech dynamic system. Traditionally the only braces which were used involved sticking blocks onto the front of your teeth and with the aid of wires and bands the system would gradually straighten your teeth. This innovative system uses what looks like a gum shield called an aligner, but this brand prefers to refer to theirs as a tray. These trays are made from a clear dental material. One of the advantages of this is that they are inconspicuous unlike traditional braces which are clearly visible. Another advantage is that they can be removed during treatment allowing you to eat, drink as well as brush and floss your teeth. You will need to keep them on for at least twenty to twenty-two hours per day. The duration of the entire treatment depends on the condition being treated, but can be anything from nine months to twenty-four months.

An efficient process

Everything is done digitally so you don’t need to endure the dentist's putty in your mouth which is usually used to create a mould. Using a 3D scanner we can eliminate the putty and because everything is digitised we can create a treatment plan and communicate quickly with the laboratory. On receipt of the scanned information the laboratory will produce a series of personalised trays. Each tray is shaped and designed to follow the previous one so that they gently move your teeth into a specified position. Each tray takes between two and three weeks to complete its particular job and we recommend that you come into the surgery every four to six weeks during your treatment. This allows us to check on your progress and ensure that everything is going according to your treatment plan.

Your hidden smile revealed

At the end of your treatment our big reward at The Garden Dental Practice is when you can remove your final tray and show us a broad, confident smile.

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