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Invisalign at Golders Green

Invisalign Golders Green is an interesting alternative to traditional braces. It provides a low-impact and convenient way of realigning teeth. But is it appropriate for you?

At our clinic, we treat every patient as an individual and it is simply not possible to make broad statements about if a treatment would be appropriate and work well for you. But we can go through the general treatment schedule and how we would normally use clear aligners.

If it is found to be useful for you and you choose to continue with orthodontic treatment using Invisalign Golders Green, we start with a set of X-rays in order to double check that your teeth are in an inappropriate condition, right the way down to the root. After this, we conduct a set of intraoral digital scans; this allows us to avoid having to use the older dental moulding techniques. It's faster and far more comfortable than having to wait for a mould to set. It also gives us a 3D model which we can use and transport far more conveniently than traditional moulds.

From your 3D scan, we will show you your treatment schedule frame-by-frame; a transition sequence from your current tooth position to how your teeth will look at the end of treatment.

An order will then be placed to fabricate the Invisalign Golders Green and you'll be able to pick them up once they are delivered to the clinic. Each of the aligners will be worn one after another in a series. We conduct regular check-ups to make sure that your teeth are progressing correctly and provide advice of when you should move on to the next aligner in the series. On average, each one is worn for about two weeks.

It is possible to remove your aligners at any time and you are recommended to do so when eating and drinking. But wearing them less than the recommended 22 hours a day will result in lengthening the overall treatment time.

Usually treatment runs smoothly as the prediction models are very accurate. In the event that there are any complications, you will be able to see our dentist and catch any issues early.

As the aligners are only designed to be worn for a few weeks they are lighter and more comfortable than the traditional metal brace, which must be hardy enough to cope with the wear and tear of everyday life for the entire length of the treatment.

Replacement aligners can be ordered and rapidly shipped in the event that any become damaged or lost. If your final aligner does not achieve the results expected, there may be a few more refinement aligners added to the end of the treatment. These incur no additional cost and are at the discretion of your dentist; just part of the the service we provide in fully correcting our patients’ orthodontic misalignments.

Treatment usually finishes at this stage, but sometimes a retainer needs to be worn for a few months in order to stop reversion (where your teeth attempt to return back to their original positions). Throughout the course of treatment, our dentist will be keeping a close eye out for any signs of reversion and will advise the use of a retainer if necessary.

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