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How do you know if you need dental implants in Golders Green?

If you have any missing teeth, then we generally suggest that you invest in dental implants in Golders Green. It really is as simple as that. We know a lot of people live with missing teeth, but it can be a significant disadvantage to your health and wellbeing, and as life goes on we tend to recognise the importance of doing everything we can to hold onto our health and ensure we make the most out of life.

Having a fully functional smile is critical in being able to enjoy eating and confidently smiling and laughing with loved ones. If you are embarrassed about your missing teeth or have dentures that tend to slip and slide around, then dental implants in Golders Green may be the solution that you are looking for that allows you to confidently step out and embrace life as you wish to.

Who is this treatment ideal for?

For some of us, dental implants in Golders Green may not be the right choice. This could be because you have underlying health conditions that mean the minor surgery involved would be too risky. You could have a bone condition that makes the implantation of the titanium rod into your jawbone unviable and in these cases, you would be better off having an alternative treatment that, although it may not be as durable or long lasting, is more suited to your needs.

There is no upper age limit to this treatment, but there is a minimum age and you do need to be fully grown to be able to replace a missing tooth permanently in this way. This is because bones are constantly shifting and growing and the titanium metal is one that fuses with bone, which makes it so essentially durable and long lasting. If your implant was to fuse with your jawbone that had not completely finished developing, you could end up with further complications that may be irreparable. We want to improve the quality of your life and this is why there are strict guidelines on who this treatment is available for.

For the most part, many of our patients are suitable and viable and are offered this treatment if they have lost one or many of their teeth. The sooner this is done after a tooth is lost, the better, because teeth tend to shift and move around to compensate for a missing tooth, which is not ideal. We also look to protect and cover that exposed gum quickly so that it is not subjected to further injury, resulting in swelling or infections.

A complete and fully functional smile is the essence of a healthy one, so by replacing your missing teeth, you are able to begin enjoying having that healthy smile and eating the foods you love again without worry.

If you are interested in learning more about replacing your teeth, then we warmly invite you to speak with a dentist so that you can be more informed about oral health and the importance of maintaining your own for years to come

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