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How dental implants in Golders Green can improve life

Everyone deserves the best possible smile, and at The Garden Dental Practice we offer a wide range of treatments that help make that happen. Dental implants Golders Green are just one of the options that our patients find to be transformative when it comes to having the smile they’ve always wanted. Here, we explain what they are and what the treatment involves. In addition, we give an insight into how dental implants Golders Green can improve the life of the patient.

What are dental implants Golders Green?

Implants are the modern means of helping the patient who has missing teeth. They are a replacement for the roots of teeth that are surgically positioned into the jawbone. These artificial roots are made from titanium, which is a long-lasting material that integrates very well with human tissues.

When it has been decided that implants are the best option for the patient, we will take scans of the mouth that focus on the jawbone. This helps us to ascertain the most appropriate size and position for each replacement tooth root.

On the day of the surgery itself, we administer a local anaesthetic. This means that the patient will not be able to feel any discomfort during the procedure as the mouth has been completely numbed. The implants are placed into the jawbone and the healing period then begins. This usually lasts for a few weeks or possibly months. Once it is complete, we then attach an abutment onto which the artificial tooth is placed.

Fewer trips to the dentist

The patient who has missing teeth replaced using dentures usually has to go to the dentist quite regularly for adjustments. This is because dentures do not take the place of the roots of the teeth. Instead, they are simply placed over the gums. This leaves gaps in the jawbone where the roots once resided. Over time, these gaps will start to close as the gums shrink in reaction to the tooth loss. This means that the denture that fitted the patient at the start of treatment will have to be replaced regularly, as the size and shape of the mouth changes.

For the patient who has opted for treating tooth loss with implants, there are no such issues. Once the treatment is complete, there is usually no need to have any further adjustments. Providing the patient takes good care with regular brushing and flossing, dental implants can last for many years and even in lifetime in some cases.


By far the biggest life improvement experienced by our patients who get implants is a dramatic increase in how confident they feel about their appearance. Missing teeth can make a person feel very low when it comes to how they look, which can affect both their personal and professional relationships.

Dental implants are so stable and durable that the patient can eat, talk, laugh and smile with complete ease. They are as close as it is possible to get to the original teeth and they look and feel completely natural. This has a significant effect on self-confidence and can transform a person’s life.

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