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How best to take care of your Invisalign?

You’ve finally taken the plunge and started out on your Invisalign Golders Green journey or maybe it’s your child that's on their journey and you want to support them. Whoever is on the pathway to a straighter smile they need to make sure they are taking really good care of their brace, teeth and gums along the way. At The Garden Dental Practice we know how important your teeth straightening experience is, so here we give some advice.

Why is it so important to take care of aligners?

In the same way that brushing your teeth is extremely important to your oral health, taking care of your aligner is exactly the same. Firstly, cleaning your aligners will help keep them clear, one of the biggest benefits of Invisalign Golders Green is that you can’t see them when you’re wearing them, however if you fail to clean them, they can quickly develop unwelcome and unsightly stains. If you neglect the upkeep of your aligners you can quickly develop a bad breath problem too - food particles get stuck in your Invisalign - particles so small you won’t be able to see them with the naked eye, but trust us they are there.

Could you think of anything worse than having your Invisalign treatment completed and then having to have treatment for tooth decay or gum disease? Making sure you reach those tricky areas and deep cleaning your brace will help avoid this possibility and keep those extra dental treatment costs at bay.

Seven Top Tips

Number One - Remove your aligners while you’re eating. This might sound obvious, but people can get complacent and it’s not impossible for you to lap up a sneaky ice cream or pot of yogurt. Food particles will really easily get stuck in your trays and then transfer to your teeth and gums. Over time it’s these particles that build up to create tartar and plaque which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. You cannot remove tartar on your own, you will need to go and visit our dental hygienist to have this professionally removed.

Number Two - Always clean your trays when you remove them. Each time you take out your trays you need to clean them. It’s not enough to just rinse them under the tap. Consider using a clear soap or aligner crystals to get them back to sparkling clean.

Number Three - Keep them in a solid case. They can easily break or get lost, just keep them safe and also keep out the bacteria filled air.

Number Four - Floss and brush. Keep on top of your normal dental hygiene routine. Flossing and brushing will keep bacteria at bay. We would recommend brushing after every meal or at least twice a day. Flossing or using a dental stick can be just twice daily.

Number Five - Stick to a schedule! Make your Invisalign Golders Green cleaning a routine you stick to.

Number Six - Avoid silly mistakes, don’t use harsh ingredients on them, don’t soak Invisalign in mouthwash, don’t rinse in hot water and don’t leave aligners on the side.

Number Seven - Soak them regularly using cleaning products, you want to get rid of all the bad bacteria sitting on their surfaces.

If you look after your aligners they will do their job of providing you with beautiful even teeth. Any problems please contact our practice, we will be glad to help.

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