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Have you heard of Invisalign in Golders Green?

Invisalign could be argued as the largest brand provider of clear aligners on a worldwide scale. Invisalign clear aligners have provided over four million happy smiles globally, which is why we offer our patients this trusted brand within the walls of our clinic. In addition to their impressive reputation within the field, Invisalign Golders Green are also extremely popular due to their discreet, and aesthetically pleasing nature.

What makes Invisalign Golders Green so popular?

Within the traditional field of orthodontics, conventional metal braces were originally the only option for patients looking to straighten their smiles. However, as technology has become more advanced, many modern dental clinics, including our own, are now choosing to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for more discreet orthodontics. Invisalign answers these demands aesthetically, with their invisible plastic trays serving as a subtle addition to any imperfect smile. Despite this invisibility being the main attraction for many of our patients however, they also offer a multitude of other benefits.

Why not reap the benefits of Invisalign clear aligners?

If you’re a patient who is suffering from a misaligned smile, then clear aligners could be the perfect solution for you. In addition to their attractive appearance within the mouth, they also work effectively and efficiently to provide our patients with a new lease of confidence post-treatment. But how does this orthodontic appliance work to help patients overcome their dental insecurities?

How do Invisalign work to produce a straighter, happier smile?

Invisalign clear aligners are often referred to as the modern alternative to orthodontic braces. Despite its contemporary nature, Invisalign Golders Green never fails to produce effective dental results for our patients, through using a series of custom-built aligners to gradually move teeth incrementally. In spite of their impressive reputation within the field however, many patients may still be feeling unsure concerning what to expect from the treatment process, which is where our team steps in.

What to expect from the Invisalign treatment process, at our dental practice

Much like any other dental service offered by our specialist surgery, every Invisalign journey will start with an initial consultation. During this introductory appointment a member of our professional and friendly team will provide a wealth of information concerning the expected treatment process, future appointments, time frames, and pricing. In addition, our team will be more than happy to attend to any queries or concerns our patients may have regarding their potential Invisalign experience.

Taking the first step towards your dream smile

Patients debating whether to receive orthodontic treatment for their imperfect smile may be feeling conflicted regarding the appliance they wish to choose. Step one of the Invisalign clear aligner journey entails a ‘case assessment’. During this assessment, often administered within the introductory consultation, a small selection of photos will be taken to help determine whether this particular aligner is the right solution for your smile.

What happens next?

During stage two of the Invisalign process both X-rays, digital scans, and digital impressions may be taken of your smile. These initial impressions can be used to formulate a ‘digital treatment plan’ using modern and state-of-the-art dental technology. This revolutionary system allows our patients to see what their potential future smile could look like if they decide to receive Invisalign clear aligners.

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