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Have you considered dental implants from Golders Green?

For those of you who have lost a tooth, have you considered dental implants Golders Green? This is a kind of treatment that focuses on longevity and durability, providing decades of use out of a single treatment, proving to be extremely cost effective in the long run, as well as hassle free.

The treatment can be used in a number of different ways, meaning that it can be useful for a vast variety of different patients, young or old. There is no upper age limit, although you need to be in sound general health, with no underlying dental conditions or concerns that might impede your recovery time.

Because dental implants Golders Green includes a minor surgical procedure, we need to ensure that your health is robust to fight potential infection. We also take aftercare seriously and as a result from both rigorous assurance of your wellbeing and care after the treatment, we can boast a 98% success rate of this missing tooth solution .

How does it work?

Like we said, we use a minor surgical procedure for the bulk of this treatment. Dental implants Golders Green are inserted directly into your mouth where a missing tooth once was and effectively replaces the root. Titanium is used and this material bonds with your bone making it the durable and long lasting solution that it is.

After the implant has healed nicely, we can work on attaching a crown or bridge, depending on the amount of teeth that have been lost. We can attach up to four adjacent teeth on a single implant, or by using four implants strategically placed around your mouth, we can support a lower and upper arch, stabilising your dentures and eliminating any moments of embarrassment that you might be experiencing.

Who experiences this?

If your dentures are slipping in your mouth, you’re not alone. Over time, your jawbone can recede as it is no longer stimulated by your natural teeth. As a result, dentures can rub, become painful or can slip out altogether, often at the most inconvenient of times!

We do need to take some scans of your jaw if you are having this issue, because if your bone has receded too much, we might not have enough bone to attach the titanium implant on to. If this is the case for you, we need to perform a bone graft, inserting animal, human or synthetic bone to your jaw, allowing this to heal and then moving forward with the implant procedure.

As you can see, we have a whole host of solutions available for people who are looking to replace missing teeth. Come in and speak with us if you are struggling with your current solution, or have no solution at all and are living with missing teeth.

We can bring your smile back to full functionality, meaning you can eat the foods you wish to, laugh when you want to and feel great with the smile you have. Let’s find out how this treatment can have a positive impact on your life.

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