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Have you been looking for Invisalign in Golders Green?

Invisalign could be argued as one of the largest brand providers of transparent aligners within the modern field of dentistry. Invisalign Golders Green has provided patients with over four million happy and straight smiles on both a national, and global scale. Clear aligners essentially answer the ever increasing demand for more discreet orthodontic appliances within the modern world of cosmetic dentistry, and are therefore becoming increasingly popular for many patients seeking to straighten the appearance of their misaligned smile, without the unsightly appearance of traditional metal dental work. But what are the benefits of receiving Invisalign Golders Green?

The benefits of receiving Invisalign clear aligners at our Garden Dental Practice

It is deemed common knowledge within the world of dental care that more traditional, also commonly referred to as ‘conventional’ orthodontic appliances, have proven extremely successful when attempting to amend some of the most severe cases of protruding, crooked, or generally misaligned teeth. These traditional braces which embrace the use of metal brackets and wires to apply pressure to straighten the appearance of the patient’s smile have undoubted success. Despite their undeniable popularity however, many patients, possibly those who are older and who may shy away from obvious metal orthodontic dental work, may wish for a more discreet alternative to straighten the appearance of their smile.

Taking one step closer to your straighter, and happier smile

So, you’ve decided that Invisalign clear aligners are the right appliance to straighten the appearance of your smile, but what happens next? Much like any dental procedure or treatment at our clinic, we always start with an initial dental consultation. But what should patients expect from this appointment?

What to expect from the Invisalign treatment process

Many patients may be feeling anxious before visiting our surgery, this appointment is the perfect chance for our patients to receive further information with regards to their treatment. During this appointment our patients can expect to receive a general overview of the expected treatment process, whilst being given the opportunity to ask any questions. Our staff will attend to any queries or concerns the patient may hold regarding Invisalign. In addition, this session may be used as the perfect opportunity to take the initial impressions for the clear aligner trays. Thanks to our three dimensional, and modern scanning system, our patients can avoid the unpleasant putty moulding process, and get straight to achieving their straighter smile.

Why choose our Garden Dental Practice to straighten the appearance of your smile?

Many individuals may be familiar with the term ‘Invisalign’. Despite this however, they may be unsure of what to expect from the treatment process. At our dental clinic within Golders Green we handpick the very best selection of dental healthcare professionals to ensure our patients achieve the best possible results for their individual dental cases. In addition to our fantastic team however, we also choose to embrace the latest advancements within dental technology, whilst only ever using the highest quality dental materials made readily available on the modern market. This combination of factors therefore makes for a seamless, and therefore easy treatment process for our patients when receiving Invisalign Golders Green.


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