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Getting dental implants to enhance your smile

National statistics for the UK show that one in three people suffer with dental issues in their lifetime and end up losing teeth. You may be wondering why this happens. Dentists have found that the main cause of teeth problems is poor dental hygiene. This often comes as a shock to patients but it is the truth - people do not take proper care of their teeth and this is the underlying cause of all dental issues.

Tooth loss is one of the main issues that people face, most particularly as they get older. There are many solutions available but dental implants in Golders Green have become the most popular method that people opt for. Therefore if you are looking to have dental implants in Golders Green then look no further than The Garden Dental Practice where our highly experienced dentists are able to deal with your requirements and individual needs.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are essentially a replacement for missing teeth. Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanent fixtures that are drilled into the jawbone in place of the missing tooth root. Dental implants are made of titanium metal and look like a tooth root. The purpose of the dental implant is to replace the missing tooth and to be able to support the replacement tooth that is put on top.

What is the process?

If you wish to have dental implants in Golders Green then talk to your dentist and book yourself an initial consultation. At your consultation your dentist will do a thorough examination of your teeth and your jawbone and ensure that you are suitable for the dental implant. Often dentists may say that you need to improve your dental hygiene before being able to have the implant. This is for your benefit as the dentist needs to ensure that the jawbone will be able to withstand the titanium screw. The dentist will also take teeth impressions and perform an X ray.

Once the dentist is satisfied with the condition of your teeth you will be given an appointment for the dental implant procedure. On the day of the procedure ensure that you have had a healthy meal prior to your appointment as you will be given anaesthesia which will numb your mouth for a while after the dental implant work has been done.

The titanium screw will get inserted directly into the jawbone and then the dentist will advise that you continue to take pain relief medication as the area will be numb and sore for a few days.

The dentist will wait until the titanium screw has successfully fused with the jawbone and become a part of the jaw before doing the next part of the procedure. This usually takes a few weeks and you will then be given another appointment for the dentist to check the progress made and also to ensure that there is no build up of bacteria that may cause an infection.

The false tooth, crown or cap will then be placed on top of the dental implant.

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