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Do you offer more than one type of dental implant at your dental clinic?

Yes! At our clinic in Golders Green we understand that each of our patients has a dental case which is unique, and may therefore require different forms of dental implantation. Dental implants in Golders Green may be commonly thought of as only being suitable for the replacement of a single tooth in the mouth, however dental implants can also be used to replace several, and even whole rows of teeth within the mouth.

The life benefits of receiving dental implants in Golders Green

Many patients who are debating various forms of restorative dentistry may be weighing up the pros and cons of each restorative treatment. Dental implants in Golders Green may be an obvious choice for many patients due to their natural looking appearance (each crown is matched perfectly to their natural teeth’s shade and shape). Aside from their positive appearance, dental implants (when cared for in the correct way) can last almost a lifetime, and can also feel like a natural tooth within the mouth.

Dental implants to replace multiple teeth in the mouth

Losing teeth within the mouth can not only affect your self-confidence, but can also reduce the health of the surrounding teeth in the mouth. Gaps within the mouth can not only cause a build-up of oral bacteria (which can lead to gum disease), but can also cause the gums to recede. Patients with many missing teeth may wish to receive a dental bridge. A dental bridge consists of a number of porcelain crowns, which are supported by dental implants in the jaw.

How does the treatment process work?

In terms of the treatment process, all dental treatments usually start with an initial consultation. After we have decided whether dental implants are right for you, we can begin the treatment process! A CT scan, radiograph, and other study models will be taken during your first or second appointment. The implants themselves are inserted in the gums based on the X-ray results you receive. Patients may be placed under sedation whilst undergoing this treatment, and temporary crowns will be applied until the gums are fully healed (which can take from around three to six months).

Correctly caring for your dental implants

After receiving their dental implants, many patients may be curious about how to care for their restorative dental treatment correctly. Despite common misconception, the aftercare is extremely simple, and these new prosthetics can be correctly maintained with a good dental hygiene routine, including a good brushing - and flossing regime, once the gums are healed.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Our clinic is extremely proud of the high standard of professional dental care we provide our patients, however we understand that with modern dentistry, patient testimonials can be extremely valuable and reassuring for potential patients to see.

What are patient testimonials?

Patient testimonials are essentially reviews from patients who have received dental treatment from our clinic. Located on our website we have many reviews from our satisfied and happy patients, which show that we offer a professional, and a caring approach to dentistry.

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