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Discover dental implants in Golders Green

A nugget of gold

At The Garden Dental Practice, we are not your average dentist. Rather than simply opting for the one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry, which is favoured by all too many practices up and down the country, we pride ourselves on putting the individual needs and requirements of our patients at the forefront of each service we offer. By connecting with our patients on a personal level, we have found that a more formative and mutually beneficial dental experience can come to pass. Whether it is a simple check-up that is required, or the most complicated of undertakings, through the method of listening to our patients’ needs and desires from the onset, a relationship that is built on trust, respect and understanding can be formed that will last for years. Anyone who is seeking dental implants in Golders Green from a reputable and reliable dentist, need look no further than our friendly and approachable, professional practitioners.

Why seek treatment

Here at The Garden Dental Practice, we understand the pressures that may be faced daily by those who are missing teeth. Whether teeth have been lost through accidental means, age, or just from general deterioration, we know that having a mouth which has large or unsightly gaps in it, can lead to a large amount of social anxiety and a damaged sense of self-esteem and confidence. Historically, those who required dental implants in Golders Green, in order to address missing teeth, would generally have to opt for either dentures or dental bridges. These act as a purely prosthetic solution to a structural issue, and can often last for only a few years before they begin to deteriorate. Another issue which arises for those requiring dental implants in Golders Green, can be appearing ‘old before their time’. This is due to the massively important factor that teeth have on the entire structure of your face, and studies have shown that the alveolar bone (the bone which supports and surrounds teeth, giving your face structure) decreases by 25% after the first year of having a missing tooth, and continues to do so at an exponential rate. Additionally to this, patients who suffer from missing teeth can often find it impairs their ability to chew tough foods, as well as communicate - which can have obvious and massively detrimental impact on their self confidence.

Scientific intervention

Today however, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine and decades of design ingenuity and refinement, patients who are missing teeth can now enjoy a full and whole smile, which is as sturdy as natural teeth. This is achieved by a brief dental operation which inserts a titanium socket into the bone within the patient’s gum, in the space where the missing tooth or teeth ought to be. Titanium is utilised for its unique ability to fuel itself with human bone tissue, and after a brief healing period, in which it does exactly that, a replica tooth, constructed from porcelain or plastic, can then be fitted in place. Thus, the gap within the patient mouth is bridged with a virtually undetectable solid new tooth, which enables them to smile to their fullest potential.

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