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Dental implants with low bone density

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Have you been turned away from getting implants due to low bone density? We can help with dental implants Golders Green. We have techniques and tools to help with the Ankylos Smartfix system.

We have invested heavily in both the skills and equipment required to be able to offer alternative systems to carry out implantation. As we are sure you're already aware, the titanium component of an implant needs to be placed in a bone of a high enough volume and density to support it, but this can be undermined by a slow rate of bone growth.

What is innovative about our specialist dental implants Golders Green is that the titanium subgum section does not have to be straight. The titanium component is a straight rod, inserted directly under the oral prosthetic, but using the Ankylos SmartFix™ system, we can tilt the angle of the titanium insert whilst having a level connector at the gumline. This is a very new way of using implants and can help with creating a more natural overall look to your smile, especially if you want to retain a slight asymmetry or don't want to lose a unique aspect of your smile.

Treatment pathway

We start treatment with in-depth consultation with you, the patient, disclosing any conditions you may have and which prescription medications you may be taking. Assuming it is suitable to proceed, we follow on with a set of CT scans performed in-house. CT scans have advantages over X-rays in allowing us to see which areas of the bone have higher density and therefore which areas are the prime locations to instal the implants. This also allows us to see any anomalous structures and plan how the procedure is likely to go.

We practice discomfort free dentistry and always focus on patient ease. For implantation we would typically use twilight sedation which is administered intravenously. After the administration of sedation, you are unlikely to remember anything that occurs during the procedure. You will still be partially conscious answering questions and moving when requested to, but you are also highly suggestible under twilight sedation. So it is important that you are chaperoned by a trusted escort after we have finished the treatment.

After day one

Immediately after implantation, your prosthetic teeth will be held in place by a full metal arch that will take any force away from your newly installed implants, giving them time to osseointegrate into the bone.

Fast forward between 3 and 6 months with the Ankylos SmartFix™ and the implants will become permanently fixed in place and the temporary metal arch can be removed depending on decisions made with your treatment schedule and your health costs. This is when permanent or semi-permanent prosthetics will be fixed on to the connectors of the implants.

The treatment schedule is highly variable depending on the patient, especially if you already have other health conditions. Please feel free to get in contact with the clinic about dental implants Golders Greenwe would be happy to answer all your questions and if necessary book you in for an initial assessment.

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