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Dental implants, providing peace of mind!

The digital world has changed the landscape of tooth replacement forever. Digitisation is far more accurate, it is quicker and more comfortable for the patient. The use of physical impressions using messy dental putty is now a thing of the past. You, as a patient, do not have to visit the dental practice as frequently and our communication with internal and external stakeholders is far more efficient. The accuracy of the information helps to maintain a very high level of service to our patients. Each member of our team has been specifically selected to complement the other members of the team. You can, therefore, draw confidence from the fact that we are always working to high standards and that this results in you receiving the best treatment available.

Experience, techniques, skills and technology

At The Garden Dental Practice we have a highly trained, skilled and passionate team who have a vast amount of experience in dental implants Golders Green. All the technology in the world does not take away the fact that we are treating human beings, so our first concern is you. Before any treatment we always undertake a painstakingly, rigorous oral cavity examination using the latest digital X-ray and cone-beam computed tomography technology. Digital X-rays expose you to a far lower dose of radiation making them much safer than the traditional X-rays. The cone-beam scanner also uses very low radiation and provides digital images of your teeth, your gums, your jawbone as well as your nerves. This is all done while the scanning equipment moves around your head. Once this has been done, our computer software combines all the images into a 3D image. This advanced equipment allows us to place dental implants Golders Green accurately taking into account the location, angle and depth needed. The surgical procedure is therefore far less invasive and involves less alveolar bone.

The rapid advances in bone augmentation have opened up new opportunities for those patients who were previously excluded from enjoying the benefits of dental implants Golders Green. Loss of a tooth starts a process which causes your jawbone to start degenerating which ultimately causes your gums to start receding. Teeth close to where the tooth has been lost will slowly start to move from their natural position. Your face will also start to show signs of sinking in the location where the tooth was lost. This procedure will stop that degeneration and the other results of tooth loss.

Where science and art meet

The scientific advances have contributed enormously to making this sort of dental replacement possible. The artistic element is in the skill that is required to create a crown that matches the surrounding teeth in shape and colour. The combination of the two skills are developed by the clinicians over many years of performing these procedures.

Treatment designed around you

There are many different types of implant procedures, each designed around the patient and the condition including the number of teeth being replaced. One implant can support the replacement of one to four teeth in a row. If you require a full set of teeth then this can be achieved by placing just four implants.


Once your mouth has completely healed normal brushing and flossing will be sufficient to maintain your natural teeth and your implants.

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