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Dental implants in Golders Green: secure and long lasting solutions for missing teeth

Losing one or many teeth is not uncommon as you get older, but having gaps and spaces affects you psychologically and damages your health.

Being toothless is crippling in various ways, your confidence will take a dip, and everyday tasks like eating and speaking become challenging. At the same time, you might experience bone loss, and your face will take on a sunken look that makes you appear older than you are.

If you are or have experienced tooth loss, through an accident or decay, come and have a chat with us at The Garden Dental Practice so that we can discuss your options with you.

The rise of dental implants in Golders Green

There are many types of artificial teeth currently available. How does one choose? Dental implants in Golders Green are a popular choice for many, especially among denture wearers who are tired of the limited functionality of dentures.

What is the reason for such immense popularity you ask? The broken or missing tooth is replaced at the root, which is done by drilling titanium implants into the jawbone. The foreign object integrates with your bone through a process called osseointegration - your body organism sees the metal as tissue and not as something to reject.

This is groundbreaking because over time and once fully healed, the artificial tooth, which is fastened to the end of the implant, functions like a natural one. At times you will probably forget that it is fake.

What are the types of implants?

There is no one size fits all to getting implants, your treatment going forward depends on the severity of your situation and how many teeth you have missing.

If it is a case of missing one tooth, we will consider you for single implants.

There is specific criteria that must be met before implantology can be considered. You need enough bone to embed the screws. Otherwise, you will need to undergo bone grafts - which adds to your recovery time, costs more and delays you getting your new and improved teeth. At the same time, you will also need to treat pre-existing gum diseases.

If you are missing half of the teeth in your mouth and have suffered significant bone loss and other critical health issues, potentially due to wearing dentures for a long time, multiple tooth implants are the best option for you.

The most popular form of multiple tooth implants is to use a fixed supported implant bridge. While the most expensive implant option from which to choose, this grants you a quality of life similar to the one you had before losing your teeth and are worth every penny. On average, six to eight implants are inserted into each jaw these secure the bridge in its place. You might not be a suitable candidate for them however if you do not have enough bone, in which case, overdenture implants might be a better fit for you.

Overdenture implants do not require you to undergo bone grafts if there is not enough bone, and an added benefit is that you can enjoy the perks of implants on the same day as having your dentures fastened to them - there is no three to six month waiting period.

There are several artificial tooth solutions available to you that will improve the quality of your life tenfold. Come and chat to us if you want dental implants for missing teeth.

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