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Dental implants: get your smile completed at our practice!

At The Garden Dental Practice, we pride ourselves on offering excellent care to all our patients and we have a wide range of treatments to suit everybody’s needs. Ranging from general dentistry through to cosmetic, restorative and preventive care, we even have facial aesthetics for those people who want to complement their wonderful smile with a fresh face! One of our very popular treatments concerns dental implants Golders Green for replacing missing teeth in the most convenient and natural way possible. Having missing teeth can cause low self-esteem, as well as oral health issues. However, by having dental implants Golders Green, you should find that your smile is stable and reliable, as well as looking wonderful.

What are they?

Dental implants Golders Green address the part of the tooth that you can’t visibly see: the root. When you have replacement teeth of crowns, bridges, or dentures, we use dental implants to anchor them securely to your mouth, so they don’t need to be removed at all. Dental implants are screws that are attached to your jawbone and act like a proxy root for your replacement teeth. They become fixed securely after the gums heal around them and once the teeth are attached, you will be able to eat whatever you want, without having to avoid hard foods, for example. You can enjoy having replacement teeth in your mouth 24/7 as well, just like your natural teeth. You won’t have to worry about removing them to clean them, or when you are sleeping. You can take care of them easily by simply brushing, flossing and visiting us for your check-ups, just as you do with your natural teeth. If you take care of your implants in this way, you could have them for a lifetime as well!

Health benefits

Aside from looking like you have a completely natural smile, you could also find that it is much easier to chew your food, without having missing teeth. You could also notice an improvement in your speech, if you had developed issues, when you had missing teeth. You may also notice that if you had jaw pain with missing teeth that this improves, once your dental implants are fitted.

How long does it take to get dental implants?

You will need to come and see us at The Garden Dental Practice for a couple of appointments. During the first appointment, we will fit the screws to your mouth. This will be done with local anaesthetic, so you won’t feel anything. We can then attach temporary replacement teeth, while your permanent ones are being manufactured for you. You will return to have these fitted, once your gums have healed. This can take a few months and in the meantime, you will have temporary replacement teeth attached to your dental implants. So, a couple of appointments could result in you having a new smile that you keep for life!


If you would like to know about the treatment options that are right for you, book in with us for a consultation. We will examine you and we can discuss the treatment options that are available to address your specific needs. If you do require dental implants and choose to go for them, you could have a beautiful, natural looking and functioning smile in a couple of visits’ time and we can’t wait to see it on your face!

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